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Last Updated: June 10, 2022

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How to change vehicle’s


A player must go to their home base and park on the street. Then a player must click on their menu and click on the option of the vehicle. The player must then click on the selected truck that they wish to change drivers.

An option will appear called change driver. The player will be given a list of drivers or an option and they must select the option for none.

The player will then appear back at the home base and the truck will appear by their base. The player must then get into this truck and sit in front of the steering wheel.

FoggyHazeGaming takes a player through a guide to change vehicles

How to start the truck (PC)


A player must first get into the truck and click Ignition. A player must press "Q" to start the truck.

The player must click on the button "4" five times. This will increase the ignition level.

The trucks in the game use a Tipmatic gearbox that is from the letter "N" to "D" on the keyboard. 

A player must click "T "once and the player will be ready to move.

It is important to remember that if a player hits the letter "T" twice, the truck will go into the maneuver gear and the gearbox will stay in first gear.

For a player to release the handbrake they must press the (space) bar.

SnowRoyal shows a player how to start a truck.

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