Next Space Rebels Cheats on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

Last Updated: October 10, 2022
Next Space Rebels
  • First Released: Nov 16, 2021

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Cheat Engine


Cheats are available when using a Trainer downloaded from the Plitch website
The Next Space Rebels has no official cheats, however, cheats can be added manually by using a trainer which provides you with the following cheats:

  • Money cheat
  • Booster fuel cheat
  • Subscriber cheat
  • Follower cheat

It is advised that you read the reviews before installing the trainer for safety purposes. Plitch is, however, supported by many subscribers and is considered a safe way of providing cheats and making games more entertaining. 

Beginners Guide


Beginners guides to starting and playing the game:

  • Build a rocket - There are rocket creation tools that are easy to use however also very powerful and will let any rocketeer express their creative potential.
  • Collect new parts - completion of challenges to grow from a hobbyist rocket builder to an advanced satellite-launching rocket scientist allows you to gather and earn new parts.
  • Grow your following - You can share your recorded creations in-game to grow your channel, and once your channel has grown, you can export them to share in real life, thus allowing you to grow your following.
  • Join the next space rebels - you can meet an extensive cast of internet characters on your journey to becoming a Next Space Rebel.
    Creative freedom - Unlock creative mode after story completion, which gives you the opportunity to create the Frankenstein rocket that you desire.

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