Maneater Hints on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

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Basic Tips Hints

Your Grotto is safe, so if you’re in danger, retreat there. Enemies won’t be able to follow you inside.

While exploring, use your Sonar ability to mark areas of interest on the map.

Eat constantly. You want to get as many nutrients as possible.

You can survive on land until your oxygen meter depletes. Use land to avoid predators and attack humans, while also exploring.

Early on, you should avoid dangerous predators until you’ve become stronger.

As you progress, you’ll also be able to unlock new areas that you couldn’t early on. Consider backtracking to previous regions to seek out Landmarks and other secrets you couldn’t reach before.

While fighting stronger enemies, don’t attack constantly. Instead, get in a few strikes and then dodge to avoid taking damage before moving in again.

If you’re losing health in a fight, look around. There might be harmless fish hiding nearby that you can eat to heal.

If you’re being chased, enemies will be able to attack you from behind. You might consider swimming toward the camera so you can dodge attacks if necessary.

Different abilities will help more in different situations. Consider the sort of situation you’re in and change your Mutations/Evolutions accordingly.

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All Landmark Locations Hints

There are 63 total Landmarks for you to discover throughout the regions in Maneater. Finding all of the Landmarks for a specific region will reward you with an upgrade, and many of them contain easter eggs besides. If you’re having trouble finding all of the Landmarks, use the video guide below for help.

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Understanding Nutrients Hints

When you eat, you gain nutrients that go toward leveling up and strengthening your abilities. Different types of creatures will give you different nutrients.

  • Fat (yellow) – harmless fish
  • Minerals (blue) – turtles
  • Protein (red) – predators and humans
  • Mutagen (green) – albino creatures

All nutrient types will help you level up, but you’ll need different types for the specific mutations you’re trying to upgrade. Be sure to get a variety, but focus on certain types of creatures if there’s a specific mutation you want to make stronger.

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