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Last Updated: March 22, 2023
Halo Infinite
  • First Released: Nov 14, 2021
  • Genres: Shooter
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Craig on tour meme

Easter Eggs

After 343 industries showed off early gameplay of Halo Infinite in July 2020, Craig became an online meme.

The Halo Infinite developers delayed the game’s release to address difficulties with the game’s gameplay and visuals and then transformed Craig into a hidden Easter egg once it was released. He appears to have become a rock star, as evidenced by references to him throughout Zeta Halo.

On top of the tower, you’ll find an instrument, a stage, an album, and a promotional poster advertising Craig’s musical endeavor. The Easter Egg may be found by using a Wasp or Banshee flying vehicle, however, it can also be found using an improved grappling hook.

The Halo Infinite Craig on tour meme was found very quickly before full release by Mint Blitz

Scorpion Gun - taking us back to Halo 2

Easter Eggs

The Scorpion Gun in Halo Infinite could possibly be a reference to a Scarab Gun Easter egg in Halo 2. With this Easter, Egg players can utilize an invisible rifle that appears to shoot rounds of a Scorpion Tank and causes immense damage.

Even on higher difficulties, the gun is a sure-fire way to tear through the game’s story. The Scorpion Gun Easter Egg would be one of the coolest weapons in Halo Infinite’s campaign if it were deemed a legitimate choice for players and their arsenal.

It’s a difficult task to get the Scorpion Gun; It may be found, just after players land on Zeta Halo’s surface and clear Outpost Tremonius of all enemies, on top of wreckage in the region.

The Scorpion Gun must be obtained before proceeding with the main campaign task, as it will vanish if not found. Because the gun is invisible, players must keep an eye out for the prompt to pick it up.

Maka showcases the rifle that appears to shoot rounds of a Scorpion Tank

Character Plushies

Easter Eggs

Plush-dolls portraying well-known Halo characters can be found in various locations around Zeta Halo.

The Pilot, Master Chief, and Cortana each have their own dolls. Characters from previous Halo games, such as the Arbeiter and Didact, can also be found as dolls in Halo Infinite.

These dolls may be discovered all across the map, some of which are appropriate for the function of the mentioned character in the Halo universe; as an example, the Pilot’s doll is located on one of Halo Infinite’s highest peaks.

Love easter eggs? Here are a few more Halo Infinite Easter eggs

Mr. Meeseeks, Everybody loves Rick And Morty.

Easter Eggs

A Mr. Meeseeks box referencing Rick and Morty the TV show can be found in Halo Infinite. Things may quickly spiral out of control when Mr. Meeseeks is involved, so it is a mystery how this box wound up on Zeta Halo.

The Meeseek box can be found in the tower on Infinite’s first island. Give it a try, maybe a Mr Meeseeks will make you better at Halo!

I'm Mr Meeseeks, Look at meee!

Halo Arcade Game

Easter Eggs

Every developer has come from somewhere. Arcade games played a large role in many of their lives. 

Behind Outpost Tremonius, you’ll find the Game Zone Halo Infinite arcade machine. When approaching the outpost's main structure, players must take the path to the left, which will lead them to a door with the arcade machine behind it.

Although the arcade machine does not allow players to interact with it, it is a fun addition to the game as it displays The Halo Infinite logo and plays a throwback rendition of the game’s main theme.

You can find the Arcade Game in campaign. Here is a video of how it looks in game.

Blood Gulch Hologram

Easter Eggs

Die-hard Halo player may die from nostalgia with the Blood Gulch reference. 

One of the campaign’s Banished outposts has a homage to the famed Blood Gulch multiplayer level, was first presented in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Blood Gulch is one of Halo’s most popular multiplayer levels, and it has appeared in a variety of online media, including the popular web series Red vs Blue.

This Easter egg may be found in the Banished Outpost Riven Gate on Halo Infinite’s fourth Island in an underground corridor, hidden behind some boxes.

Here is a video taking Halo players back in time to the Blood Gulch

Peanut the Gopher

Easter Eggs

Along with other unknown cylixes in Halo Infinite, a gopher can be found.

After gamers talked about it online, a 343-staffer revealed that the gopher’s name was “Peanut”. It is an odd Easter Egg as it is displayed with other frightening figures. Players will come into a room with slates portraying humanoid figures during one of Halo Infinite’s early campaign missions.

The gopher cylix may be found at the bottom right corner of the storage area if players use their grappling hook to scale the lower floors of the storage area.

Who is Sheila the tank

Easter Eggs

Throughout Halo Infinite’s campaign, Sheila the Tank is mentioned a few times.

This vehicle appears to be a reference to the internet web series Red vs Blue, in which the show’s blue team is accompanied by a tank named Sheila.

Sheila appears in the campaign accomplishment "bring Sheila Home Safely,"; in which players drive Sheila on a route from start to finish. During the game's, "The Road" quest, you may obtain this achievement.

In order to earn the award, players must avoid destroying Sheila and reach the endpoint.

Sabnatical found this epic easter egg

Giant Sandwich

Easter Eggs

In one of Halo Infinite’s many caves, players can locate a giant sandwich.

A crowd of worshiping Grunts surrounds the Sandwich, praising it for its size. Apart from a quick visit, there isn’t much to the Easter egg, but it's worth seeing at least once on your journey across Zeta Halo.

This Easter Egg can be found on the game’s fourth island, directly south of the Spire. Players must use the grapple hook to locate the massive sandwich hidden deep within a cave.

We were't lying when we said it's a "giant"

Original Xbox

Easter Eggs

On Infinite's fourth island, players can find an original Xbox console tucked away in a cave. This reference is especially appropriate in this year of Xbox and Halo’s 20th anniversary.

Like many of the other Easter Eggs in Halo Infinite, players will need to travel within one of Zeta Halo's multiple cave systems and grapple their way to a secret door. Once found, players will see an original Xbox console and a TV monitor.

Outpost Tremonius Buttons


When all three buttons are pressed simultaneously, an airstrike will be launched at the Banished in the outpost below, but this is only possible while the outpost is still under Banished control.


Turn right around the back side of the building after exiting the elevator that leads to the Foundation. The first button can be located on the wreckage by the side of the hill.

To locate the second button, you’ll need to utilize your Grapplingshot skills to scale the corner of the wall in the UNSC ruins. Continue through the underside of the ship. When you do a scan, you’ll see the button highlighted far above a Banished door that is in the cliffside below.

By heading east on the flat surface of the UNSC ship wreckage, you’ll find the final button.

A button is activated by pressing it, it will stop glowing to signal that it is enabled. Once all the buttons are activated, an airstrike will arrive within seconds, bombing the Banished below.

The majority of the banished should be cleared out by the explosives, and once they have stopped, you can jump down and kill any survivors.

House of Reckoning Buttons


The House of Reckoning mission has a section for "Advanced Training," which is ideal for co-op players.

In the middle of the wall across from a Ravager, you’ll find a red button on the control room's second floor, press it before heading out onto the battlefield.

Once you go through the doors, use the grapple shot to reach the second button, which is located on the right-hand side of the room above the satellite dish. The easiest way to get to land on the rails just below the button is to target the wall above and then dropdown.

The third and final button can be located by grapple shooting your way up to the top of the tall building in the room.

Pressing all 3 buttons to activate them will release a Rockethog from a door towards the room’s back left.

Save a ton of time with these buttons.

Halo Infinite Skull Locations


1.    Boom Skull
Location: Warship Gbrakkon
Effect: Doubles explosion radius.

The first skull in Halo Infinite can be found in the beginning mission, Warship Gbrakkon.
You'll find a hallway with about 5 Jackyls after exiting the ship, taking the elevator up, and passing through a few more hallways. The Boom Skull is waiting for you in the next room. It's brimming with Brutes and Grunts, so get rid of them first. Make sure the room is clear on both levels. You can see the Boom Skull's location as soon as you walk into the room, though your scanner won't pick it up until you get closer to it. As a result, ascend to the second level and look up and to the right. To scan, hold down the D-pad and look for the outline of a skull. You'll find the Boom Skull sitting in a small alcove if you take the nearby elevator-like contraption up.

2.    Cowbell Skull
Location: Foundations
Effect: Increases acceleration from explosions

You'll find yourself in a large, open blue room after retrieving The Weapon. To locate the second Skull, use your radar pulse and look high above your original entry point. Grab this one with your Grappleshot.

3.    Catch Skull
Location: Zeta Halo (North West)
Effect: Enemies throw and drop more grenades

This Skull isn't tied to a specific mission, so you can get it whenever you want. Because it's guarded by a pair of Hunters, you might want to save this Skull for later in the game. Head north of Outpost Terminus to the island, at the canyon's far end, the skull is hidden inside a tree trunk.

4.    Fog Skull
Location: Zeta Halo (West of FOB Alpha)
Effect: Disables motion tracker

This Skull can be obtained with an improved Grappleshot, although it is much simpler to get with a Wasp. On the open-world map's western side, look southeast of the Foundation and southwest of FOB Alpha. There's a small opening inside these columns where the Fog Skull sits on a hexagonal pedestal.

5.    IWHBYD Skull (I Would Have Been Your Daddy)
Location: Zeta Halo (On top of the tower)
Effect: Rare combat dialogue becomes more common

Taking a Wasp to the top of The Tower is the easiest method to discover this Skull, but you'll have to wait till you've unlocked it at a FOB. It's also possible to get it with an upgraded Grappleshot, but it will take some practice. The collectible may be found on a crate on The Tower's roof platform. Climb the Tower along one of the supports from the outside. Grappleshot onto the platform away from the Tower at the top, and adjust your flight by holding the left thumb stick to the side. Grappleshot back to the platform and grab the Skull at the top of your arc.

6.    Blind Skull
Location: Zeta Halo (South of the tower)
Effect: HUD and weapon do not display on the screen

A long canyon runs roughly north-south through the Lockdown region in the southwest of the map. Look for the Carrera Squad icon near the island's centre and trace a line south to the canyon. It's a quick trip if you have access to the Wasp, but it's also doable on foot. Work your way around to the canyon's west side and follow it until you see the boulder wedged between the walls; as you get closer, you'll notice a downed squad of Marines scattered on top. The Skull can be found on a ledge beneath you. You'll also notice a rocket launcher nearby if you use your scanner. Drop down and Grappleshot to the ledge to grab the Blind Skull.

7.    Thunderstorm Skull
Location: Zeta Halo (Near anti-aircraft guns)
Effect: Upgrades the rank of most enemies

You'll have access to the Reformation island in the south after completing "Pelican Down." To get to the canyon between Reformation and Graveyards, use the route north from FOB Juliet. There's a very high peak near the Beacon here. Look for a tall, narrow spire just southeast of there. Although you'll need some practice with the Grappleshot, you can climb the hexagonal spires. On the highest spire, the Thunderstorm Skull can be found.

8.    Black Eye Skull
Location: Zeta Halo (Near waterfall)
Effect: Makes shield recharge occur only through melee attacks

On the southern island (Reformation), about halfway between FOB Juliet and Riven Gate Banished Outpost, there is a waterfall on the south side of the road. On the right side of the waterfall, about halfway up, there's a hidden tunnel. Because you can't see the tunnel from the outside, it'll take a few attempts to locate it. Grappleshot up and kneel to get through the tunnel. At the far end, the Black Eye Skull can be found in a cave.

9.    Famine Skull
Location: Zeta Halo (Far east of map)
Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies only have half the ammo

A small island can be found on Zeta Halo's eastern side. It's south of the easternmost Beacon and due east-southeast of FOB November. The only way to get there is to use a Wasp. Look for a dead Elite holding the Famine Skull near the peak of that island.

10.    Mythic Skull
Location: The Command Spire
Effect: Enemies have increased health

After completing the Nexus main story mission, you'll take a grav lift to the Command Spire, where the mission starts. After a bit of combat, you'll teleport to a location where hexagon pillar fragments are floating around. You'll be grav lifted to where the pillars are being floated horizontally after some more fighting. Continue forward until the pillars make a right turn. Climb above the pillars to a ring-shaped walkway, then climb up another level. There is an open corridor there. Collect the Mythic Skull by following it.

11.  Grunt Birthday Party Skull
Location: Repository
Effect: Headshotting grunts causes celebrations

Play through the Repository level until you reach the room with the hardlight bridge leading to the console, as well as doors to the right and left. Interact with the central console and watch the cutscene in this room. Return to the first platform and take a right. Grappleshot across the wall to reach the platform. Continue along the passage to the end, where you'll find the power seed. Return to the main room with the power seed and cross the hardlight bridge to the other side. By rotating to the left, grappleshot to the other platform. The hallway to the right and place the power seed in the receiver. This opens a room in the Repository a little later. Continue the mission by returning to the hardlight bridge. The Weapon will eventually draw your attention to a window. Push through two more rooms after that. The Grunt Birthday Party Skull is directly ahead and above you in the third room. Climbing up is dangerous, as this Skull is guarded by four cloaked Elites.

12.    Bandana Skull Skull
Location: Silent Auditorium
Effect: Removes cooldowns and grants endless ammunition and grenades.

To collect this Skull, you must be cautious. Only if you complete Silent Auditorium's main story mission without killing any Sentinels will you unlock it. There's only one place where you'll run into any, and it's right in the middle of a massive firefight against Banished forces, so aim carefully. The simplest way to avoid accidentally hitting any Sentinels is to run — as soon as the Sentinels appear, make your way through the area as quickly as possible and exit. The door will be open for you because no hacking is required.

Continue on through the level until you run into Adjutant Resolution once more. After that, you'll need to activate a number of hard light bridges. Your HUD marker will try to point you in the direction of the left. Take the straight road instead. A few destroyed Sentinels can be found in the next room. The Bandana Skull will be on the pillar above you if you didn't kill any Sentinels.

You need to find all of the skulls, but that can be tricky, Hidden Xperia's video makes this much easier, check it out.

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