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Last Updated: May 17, 2022

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  • Genre: Racing
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  • First Released: Oct 1, 2018

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Fast credits/money Cheats

Unlimited credits fast!

By: Andrew   Comment    38

All Homes and Their Unlockables Unlockables

There are 12 homes you can purchase. Each one comes unlocks a special bonus or perk. One of the houses is free, while the others need to be purchased.

  • The Gables – free, comes with Drone Mode
  • Sunflower Meadows – 200,000, comes with Green Wellies and Super Wheelspin
  • Croftdale Farm – 200,000, comes with Sheep and Super Wheelspin
  • Kingfisher Cottage – 350,000, comes with Rubber Ducky and Wheelspin
  • Thatch Corner – 500,000, comes with “Are We There Yet?” and two Super Wheelspins
  • Huntsman’s Lodge – 750,000, comes with Skill Songs and 3 Super Wheelspins
  • Castleview Road – 750,000, comes with Red Velvet Blazer and 3 Super Wheelspins
  • Derwent Mansion – 1,500,000, comes with Golden Tank Top and 5 Super Wheelspins
  • Fairlawn Manor – 2,000,000, comes with Fast Travel Anywhere and Silver Top Hat
  • Lake Lodge – 5,000,000, comes with #Forzathon Boost and 5 Super Wheelspins
  • Bamburgh Castle – 10,000,000, comes with Barn Find Rumor (only way to get this Barn Find) and 10 Super Wheelspins
  • Edinburgh Castle – 15,000,000, comes with Alfa Romeo P3 and 10 Super Wheelspins

Note: While Fairlawn Manor unlocks the ability to fast travel anywhere instead of just between homes and the festival, if you want to fast travel for free, you’ll need to destroy the fast travel boards.

  Comment    12

Ashes to Ashes reference Easter Eggs

The Audi Quattro Barn Find is a reference to the TV show Ashes to Ashes. The vehicle has bullet holes in the sides, which is explained as being because the car used to belong to a police detective who was involved in multiple shootouts. In Ashes to Ashes, the character Gene Hunt has a Quattro that has bullet holes in it from shootouts, just like the car in the game.

  Comment    3

Unlimited Skill Points and Influence Hints

On the east coast near Bamburgh Castle, there is an area where you can easily jump, drift, and destroy things in the environment without taking up much time. This is a great way to earn unlimited skill points and influence, especially if your car has perks that will help you increase them.

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Skill Songs Hints

Skill songs increase your skill points. The Huntsman’s Lodge unlocks skill songs, which are special songs played on the radio that let you reach a 10x multiplier and get more skill songs. Change the radio station often to find skill songs to play.

  Comment    2

How to Change Seasons Hints

Seasons change on a weekly basis, but if you’d rather not wait, you can go offline and change the date on your system for the game to reach the next season. The “Welcome Back” option on the Home menu also tells you how many days you have left in the current season.

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All Barn Find Locations Hints

There are old barns you can find with broken-down cars inside that you can take. Some can only be collected in specific seasons (either because that’s how you learn about it or because the season is necessary to access it), as well as one that requires you to have purchased the Bamburgh Castle. If you’re having trouble with the Barn Finds, use the video guide below to help you locate all of them.

  Comment    1

All Beauty Spot Locations Hints

There are 12 “Beauty Spots” located across the map, particularly noteworthy or scenic locations. If you’re having trouble finding all twelve, use the video guide below for help.


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