Football Manager 2022 Cheats on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

Last Updated: December 12, 2022
Football Manager 2022
  • First Released: Nov 8, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 3

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Monopoly Market


Football Manager 2022 has the option to have multiple managers active. So for the devious of mind, all you need to do is to activate an additional manager. Then with the powers of evil, you can use this additional manager to buy players off of your main team so that you can carefully fine-tune your team.

The Lasso Way

Easter Eggs

Fans have noticed that the phrase “Believe” appears on a poster in your changeroom, the color depends on what team you are playing. This poster bears an uncanny resemblance to the AFC Richmond’s manager Ted Lasso’s way. A phrase used as a motivational goal to change AFC Richmonds middle position in the Premier League. This could mean that Ted Lasso could make an appearance in Football Manager 2022.

Frozen again


There have been reports that football manager 2022 would either Freeze, has low Frames per second, or outright crashes. The most common solution to this problem is to lower the graphics of the game so that it does not draw too much performance from your device.

Blast from the past


In games of old, this trick was used in many different games dating all the way back to the Gameboy era. The trick is simple, all you need to do is save before any major game so that if you don’t manage to obtain that pesky win, all you need to do is reload that save and try again.

We have all done this once


Let us say that you start a match, this is the tough one, the one you must absolutely win. Although, lady luck is not on your side this time and you go down 0 - 4 with 10 minutes left. All you need to do is quit and not save. Then go back, and give it another try, guaranteed win… eventually.

In Game Editor


Sometimes, game developers will play ball, Football Manager 2022 offers an in-game Editor which one can download to change in-game options so that you can try out different combinations without having to grind long hours just to see if it would work. Want to make sure that all your opponents players receive injuries? Why not?

User Preferences


On the main screen, players can customise different stats to be displayed in different columns so that the home screen feels comfortable and homely. However, there have been some players experiencing the customisable columns changing back to the default columns when switching between tabs. After certain patches, a preference is changed. Head over to your preference settings and search the phrase “automatic”. Take a look at the second option, which should be a setting with the phrase “Automatically override custom panels?” make sure that this is not selected.

Stop stealing my players!!


SO the way to get ingame players is to sign them to a contract, if they are serving out a contract, you would get them to sign provisional contracts, to secure them for your team once their current contract expires. There have been game players reporting that once they get players to sign a provisional contract, once the transfer window opens, the players that they have signed, get picked into other teams and that their provisional contracts just disappear. This can be a source of a lot of frustration as certain in-game players take a lot of patience to sign on to your team.

Beginners Guide


Football Manager 2022 is very much like the previous games in the series. If you don’t know what is going on, it has quite a large learning curve. There is tons to do and making small mistakes at the very beginning can cause frustration in players later on in the game. Finding players who recommend certain ways to play the game can help you out in a big way.

Here is a five point guide given to you by Football Manager

Other information needed


Other streamers will help newer players with certain not so obvious tips, like how to get the hang of certain settings and in game activities. Watching these streamers can help you reach that dream team you have always wanted, without having to restart playthroughs because of one small mistake.

5 tips given to you by Demand More FM.

Quick advice needed


Out of the ordinary “5 mistakes to avoid” and other general knowledge guides out there, you may want more specific advice for the game, such as intakes that you would like for your team and which ones to take. There are many streamers out there that create content just for you, for example:

Here is FM Scout, helping you out with tips on your intakes.

Thinking about the future


Sometimes it is not all about what you can get right now, but how you can develop what you have. Focusing on developing the players that you have can make a big difference in how your playthrough plays out. Content creators are once again here to help your cause. Watching videos can help you learn how to develop your players and make the best of what you have.

Once again, here is FM Scout helping you out by teaching you have to develop your youth players.

Playing above the rest


Sometimes you are looking not only for a good set up, but an unbeatable team. Some streamers out there have done all the hard work and research for you, creating those insanely unbeatable teams and plays that will help you climb to the top. Watching videos made by other players can teach you combinations and teams that you can use to keep you one step ahead of the rest.

Clayts showing you how team combinations can keep you in the winners circle.

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