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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Feb 9, 2022
  • Genres: Shooter
  • Themes: Action, Warfare
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Quick Kills


In many FPS ( First Person Shooter ) games, the use of the knife is favored due to its instant kill. The same applies to Crossfire X. Using your knife is super effective in killing enemies fast and with stealth.

If you find yourself too close to an enemy, pull out your knife and give it a swing. This should make dealing with players in close proximity much easier.

Best way to deal with defensive gun fights


In many situations in the game, you find yourself in a gunfight, and the enemy has taken a defensive position. Whilst being aggressive and hitting them head-on might work. There are better solutions to dealing with an enemy that has a defensive position.

Firstly, If you are caught in the open, you're most likely going to get shot. Rather find cover and continue fire on the enemy. The cover provides a natural defense and gives you more time to do part two.

Secondly, whilst your team is laying down fire, it would be a great idea for you to try to flank the enemy if you have a path to do so. If there is no path, try to make ground by moving forward to more area’s with cover. The closer you get to the enemy, the more opportunity you might have.

If you prefer to take a less aggressive approach, you could also camp and peek for a good position. This might take longer but can be equally successful. The best places to camp are often high ground with little area for the enemy to shoot you or flank you.

Use your Pistol


If you have experience with other FPS games, you should know that pistols are always beneficial. They are quick to fire and handle and a great alternative if you find yourself too close to an enemy or out of ammo.

Crossfire X  only offers three options when it comes to sidearms. You can choose between an Eagle 50, a Double Barrel short Shotgun, or an AP18. From the three, the Eagle 50 seems to be the best. It gives off great damage for a handgun and has good range and accuracy. The shotgun would be best for close encounters with multiple enemies.

Create Mulitple Loadouts


Throughout the game, you will be faced with different situations that are best suited to different weapons. Creating multiple load-outs will really help you in these situations and best equip you to face the challenge ahead. 

As you progress through the game, you will also unlock a number of weapons. As you unlock new weapons, continue to update your loadout to make it more efficient. This might take a little time setting the various weapons but being prepared is always important. 



Ever hear the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Well, it may not be perfect but it will definitely help you catch onto the game faster. Crossfire is a bit different to other FPS games. This is because the game moves slightly slower than another. This can take some getting used to. 

There are a number of game modes you can use to practice such as:

  • Team Deathmatch - Basic team vs team.
  • Search and Destroy- Basic plant a bomb while the other team tries to defuse it.
  • Point Capture- Capture different areas on the map and hold them.-
  • Specter-similar to search and destroy. With added specters that are invisible when still.
  • Nano- Players vs. Zombies.

Unlockable Weapons and attachments


Like most FPS shooter games, you can unlock a range of different weapons and attachments for the weapons. In Crossfire X, the list of unlockables is relatively impressive. You have great weapons in multiplayer mode with customizable loadouts.

To unlock weapons, you use two methods. There are two currency’s in the game, GP and Crossfire Points. Both can be purchased with real money if you wish. The better the weapon, the more you will pay. 

To unlock weapons, go into the loadout tab, select your main weapon and choose a weapon to unlock. The process is fairly simple. 

Here is a list of how much it will cost to unlock your primary, secondary, melee, and throwing weapons:

Primary Weapons:

  • 2500GP
    • PWC Sniper
    • TSV Rifle
    • MSC-94 Sniper
  • 2200GP
    • T14-ACW
    • Compact 552 SMG
    • GAL-R4
    • AP-15
    • Austeyr-88
    • SPR-12 Rifle
    • Kalash-103
    • SC-762
    • Bar-7
    • RAR-5
    • Mini-556
    • R36 Carbine
    • F-45
  • 2000GP
    • 1998 Typewriter SMG
    • HM3 LMG
    • Sg1212 Shotgun
    • Louis Gun
    • Super V SMG
    • VN-60 LMG
    • AS-12 Shotgun
    • Stakeout 37 Shotgun\B4 Super Shotgun
    • Gatling Gun

Secondary Weapons:

The Eagle 50, AP18 both cost 1000GP. The Double Barrel Shotgun is free when you get the Battle pass one.

Melee Weapons:

To unlock the Kukri, it costs 1000GP. The B.C Axe is only unlockable when you get Battle Pass 26. 

Throwing Weapons:
You can unlock a Smoke Grenade by spending 1000GP. 

Aim Glitch


When you are aiming the aim down sight zooms in, out, and out.  More setting options have been added as well to assist with aim and acceleration.

Out of Map


On certain maps, you can also jump onto an out-of-map spot when you are in the out-of-map spot, your aim glitches and moves.

Mutants have Guns


When you play in Nano mode and become a mutant on occasion, you can still shoot at other players who haven't been infected yet. The glitch here is that you have no gun in your hands. Mutants use their claws to scratch the uninfected players and turn them.

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