Age of Wonders 4 Cheats on Xbox Series X (XboxSX)

Last Updated: June 27, 2023
Age of Wonders 4
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: May 1, 2023
  • Genres: Strategy, Turn-based strategy (TBS)
  • Themes: Fantasy, 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate)
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB T

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How to Improve Your Gameplay


Watch Unit Upkeep

Growing your army and making it as big as possible can be tempting. But there is a cost that comes with this, and you need to know it before you can work towards a massive army correctly.

Most units cost mana to keep, as well as gold. Summoning units with Mana from tomes incurs a Mana upkeep per turn, similar to Gold units. Also, maintaining unit-enhancing spells and associated Mana costs can quickly deplete your Mana reserves from 2,000 to 200.

Stack your Army with Heroes

If you want to make your army even more powerful, you can stack multiple heroes in one army. This will make your army unbeatable. You will only be able to stack units of the same tier in one army, so ensure you have a few heroes in the same tier before you try.

Cheats Available Through the Developer Console and PLITCH Trainer


The game has quite an extensive list of cheats you can use. You can use the developer console cheats or a trainer such as Plitch. To use the developer console cheats, follow these instructions: 

  1. Start the game, then open the desired save or "start a new game";
  2. Press the key combination Ctrl+Alt+C or Ctrl + Shift + C, followed by "Enter."

Once you’ve done this, a window will appear that allows you to enter the cheat codes below. Enter a code and hit enter to activate it. Unfortunately, the console cheats are unique to PC only. Let’s take a look at them:

Basic Cheats:

  • amgod - counts instant victory in auto-battle mode;
  • cruijff - toggles infinite movement;
  • switch_tm — transition between simultaneous and classical moves;
  • questmaster — transition between quests;
  • hauer - +1 level to the selected stack;
  • demo - Unlocks all research, gives 100,000 gold, gives 100,000 Imperium,
  • activates instant production, and starts an instant operation;
  • flydutchman - activates infinite movement, gives 100,000 gold, fully
  • explores and opens the map;
  • martin - increases the maximum number of heroes to 999;
  • voorhees - unlocks all the skills of the hero;
  • Ruijter - duplicates the hero's items in the hero's item shop;
  • victory1 - instant military victory;
  • victory2 - instant expansion victory;
  • victory3 - instant magical victory;
  • victory4 - instant victory on points;
  • defeat1 - instant defeat due to the death of the hero;
  • defeat2 - instant defeat of the throne city;
  • defeat3 - instant defeat of the expansion;
  • defeat4 - instant magical defeat;
  • defeat5 - instant defeat on points;
  • willem - trigger instant defeat by account;
  • victory — instant win trigger.

Battlefield Cheats:

  • makevassal - turns the selected target into a vassal (affects an AI player or a free city);
  • eendracht - +1 fake beacon for expansion victory;
  • enheid - adds the maximum number of fake sectors to win the expansion;
  • verdoemenis - adds one fake root node for magical victory;
  • hygens - +1 proximity level;
  • spaargaren — will open the tree of development of the Empire before the completion of the 10th turn;
  • angels - activates a positive outlook in all channels;
  • demons - activates a negative worldview in all channels;
  • genprisonhero - creates a random hero in prison;
  • gencrypthero - creates a random hero in the crypt;
  • generic - creates a random hero outside the map;
  • rejectpersonality - reveals the personality traits of the selected target (only affects the AI ​​player);
    warlord - declares war
  • improved relation - improves relations with the selected city;
  • makecoop - enters into a cooperation pact with the selected target (affects an AI player or a free independent city);
  • makeloyal - enters into a loyalty agreement with the selected target (affects an AI player or a free independent city);
  • makeintegrated - enters into an integration agreement with the selected target (affects an AI player or a free independent city);
  • make-war - declares war on the selected target (affects the AI ​​player or a free independent city);
  • makeneutral - establishes neutral diplomatic relations with the selected target (affects the AI ​​player or a free independent city);
  • makeally - Forms an alliance with the selected target (affects the AI ​​player or a free independent city);
  • makehappy - improves relations with the selected target (affects the AI ​​player or a free independent city);
  • makeangry - worsens relations with the selected target (affects the AI ​​player or a free independent city);
  • freepop - increases the population in the selected city;
  • medic - Heals the selected unit.

Exploration Cheats:

  • barentz - explores and opens the entire game map;
  • tasman - explores the whole game map;
  • unexplore - cancels the study of the game map.

Research and Production Cheats

  • ikbedoelalles - opens all global operations;
  • masterskills - unlocks all research;
  • Leeuwenhoek - instant completion of the current study;
  • philips - activation of instant production;
  • optimal prime – activation of instant refueling operation;
  • instantskills - activation of instant research;
  • lely — transition between instant operations;
  • complete chapter - concludes the current chapter of the study.

Currency Cheats:

  • oldenbarnevelt - +100,000 Imperium;
  • rembrandt — +100,000 gold;
  • demo - a global code that gives 100,000 Imperium and 100,000 Gold;
  • flydutchman - a global code that gives 100,000 gold.

You can also make use of PLITCH Trainer for cheats. To see what cheats PLITCH offers, you can look at their site.

PLITCH shows off the cheats they have available for Age of Wonders 4

How to Unlock New Heroes


Unlocking new heroes is vital to growing your empire. You can unlock heroes by using new Tomes of Magic or recruiting old heroes. As you progress in the game, you unlock a new Tome of Magic. When selecting a Tome of Magic, you get specific bonuses such as an affinity point or a hero in the same tier as the Tome of Magic. This is the first method you can use to get more heroes.

The second method requires you to have a resource called the draft. When you seize a city and imprison its inhabitants, you can draft their heroes to your army. This is a smart way of getting more heroes, right?

Pravus shares a few helpful tips

How to Upgrade Outposts


Once the outpost is established, players can directly interact with it, allowing their heroes to roam freely. By selecting an outpost, players can spend gold on building structures like work camps, stone walls, and watchtowers. These structures become valuable when the outpost becomes a city.

Players must decide which population to use for the city, as it affects the types of units they can create. It's essential to watch the faction's city cap to avoid penalties. Building multiple outposts can be a cost-effective way to claim territory quickly.

FaizedFox Gaming demonstrates the usefulness of cities and outposts

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