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Last Updated: January 31, 2024

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Beginners Guide


Hunting the Starter Deer

At the start of the game, there will be a starter White-tailed deer in the distance. Before you can hunt this deer, you'll need to select a primary weapon.

Press the "Esc" button to bring up a menu and scroll down to "Inventory." Under the inventory, you'll find a list of weapons, sights, ammo, lures, equipment, and binoculars. There are three starter weapons that you can select: a rifle, a handgun, or a shotgun.

The 243 Rifle is the only weapon at the start of the game that comes with a scope. Later in the game, you can upgrade your weapons and purchase new items under the inventory section.

Select the 243 Rifle as your primary weapon and return to the playing field. With the rifle in hand, you'll need to approach the deer slowly. Usually, deer are very skittish and will easily be scared away, but because this is a starter deer, you can get very close to the target. 

If you're having trouble spotting the deer, press "E" to bring up your binoculars to see the deer or press "Tab" to activate Huntermate. Once you are in range of the deer, you can shoot the deer standing up, crouching, or in the prone position. 

Use Hunting Positions to Improve Your Accuracy

The prone position is the most stable for a hunter to shoot a target. To go into the prone position, press "Z." Alternatively, crouching is the second best hunting stance to shoot an animal; press the "Control" button to crouch.

Target an Animal's Vital Organs for a Successful Hunt

When aiming at an animal, you must target the vital organs of the animal to perfect a kill shot. The vital organs of any animal are the lungs, heart, liver, and neck. Aim for any of those areas, and the hunt will be successful.

Use Your Headlamp When it Gets Dark

If the light begins to fade and you are searching for an animal, press "L" to bring up your headlamp. The light from your headlamp will not chase animals away, and it is an effective tool to use in the evening.

Track Your Target and Claim Your Reward

After you have shot an animal, search the ground area for their tracks. Animal tracks will light up in blue. Press "E" to follow the tracks of your trophy animal. Press "E" to claim your trophy when you come across your kill.

LadyLegendXO shares a beginner's guide for Call of the Wild.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Head to the Lookout Towers

When you get a new map area in the game, the entire area will be dark and unexplored. On the map, you will only see "Lookout towers," indicated by a green dot.

Go to the lookout towers and climb them to the top. Once you have climbed to the top of the tower, it will open up a light that will show you where to find your outposts.

Learn to Track

The game rewards players who pay attention to details. Tracking animals is one of the most critical skills for a beginner hunter to acquire in the game. When you're on the hunt, be on the lookout for clues that animals leave behind, such as footprints and droppings.

The clues animals leave behind are your map to finding them. To help you understand the different clues, you must learn to use the HunterMate tool. Additionally, when you're tracking animals, always remember to be downwind from the animal, as they can smell your scent.

Use Scents and Calls to Attract Animals

In this realistic hunting game, animals are a lot smarter than you think. You will need to use animal calls and scents to attract them and get them within shooting range.

Animal calls imitate the noises that animals make; you're speaking their language and bringing them closer to you. At the same time, using different scents will disguise your scent and stop approaching animals from running away.

Use the Right Weapon

One of the best tips for new players is to use the correct weapon and ammunition to hunt an animal. Each weapon in the game is designed to hunt specific animals, and matching your weapon to the size of the game will increase your success.

Hunting a large animal with a weapon that is too weak will result in a failed attempt. At the same time, hunting a small animal with a weapon that is too strong will ruin your trophy.

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Questions, Answers and Comments

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i  dont  have  enough  money  i  dont  even  have  enough  to  sleep
Devon, 11 months ago Reply
I  need  more  money
Landen Beck, 2 years ago Reply
Use  your  .243  it  gives  you  for  free,  buy  all  the  free  ammo  you  want  because  it's  free  and  shoot  a  lot  of  whitetails  at  Layton  lake
Notreal, 1 year ago Reply
Plus  d'argent
Alexa Trudeau, 1 year ago Reply
Question.  how  do  i  know  which  call  i  am  holding  without  actually  using  it?  plz  help?
kelton appis, 2 years ago Reply
is  there  an  easy  way  to  get  money  without    any    DLC's    such  as  a  glitch  or  money  cheat
icy shadowwolf, 3 years ago Reply
That's  actually  a  good  Question.  Btw  i'm  new  here.
kelton appis, 2 years ago Reply
If  you  get  into  a  game  where  the  host  has  a  high  ping  (280+)  then  if  you  kill  any  animal  and  go  to  harvest  it  then  if  you  spam  the  X  button  then  you  will  end  up  basically  harvesting  the  rewards  from  the  animal  everytime  you  keep  pressing  the  X  button,
My  friend  just  tried  it  and  with  2  animals  he  went  from  1k  to  250k,
Now  I  am  trying  to  find  a  high  ping  server  to  do  it  myself.  
Hope  this  helps!
Jack Tomo Tomlinson, 3 years ago Reply
how  do  i  get  the  multi  animal  glitch?
daniel hilbert, 3 years ago Reply
Can  you  play  single  player  mood  when  you  buy  the  other  maps  for  the  hunter  call  of  the  wild?
Cox, 3 years ago Reply
I'm  trying  to  kill  a  fallow  deer  at  a  gold  level  
I've  killed  many  weighing  over  90kg  and  get  no  level  rating  
So  I'm  stuck  
It's  the  last  animal  I  need  to  complete  task  
Jeff Durocher, 4 years ago Reply
You  need  to  have  an  excellent  shot  with  the  correct  weapon.  (Ex.  Whitetail  w/  .223  shot  in  the  lung  and  heart.)  If  you  do  well  enough  you  could  get  a  platinum  rating.  My  recommendation  is  to  make  ethical  kills  with  little  struggling  of  the  animal
Caleb, 4 months ago Reply
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