theHunter: Call of the Wild Glitches on Xbox One (X1)

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Crouch Run Glitch Glitches

If you aim down your sights with any weapon and double tap B then un aim after the second tap you will have the abilty to crouch run. Works 99.99% of the time!

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is  it  patched
- jayden calabrese, 1 year ago - Reply  

Faster than running while crouched Glitches

Sometimes when you go prone and swap to crouch fast enough you will be crouched and run as if you put on a 2x run, when this happens he sound you make stays at crouch level.

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Questions and Answers

how  do  i  get  the  multi  animal  glitch?
- daniel hilbert, 10 months ago - Reply  
Can  you  play  single  player  mood  when  you  buy  the  other  maps  for  the  hunter  call  of  the  wild? - Cox, 10 months ago - Reply  
I'm  trying  to  kill  a  fallow  deer  at  a  gold  level  
I've  killed  many  weighing  over  90kg  and  get  no  level  rating  
So  I'm  stuck  
It's  the  last  animal  I  need  to  complete  task  
- Jeff Durocher, 1 year ago - Reply  

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