The Crew Easter Eggs on Xbox One (X1)

Here are our Easter Eggs for The Crew on Xbox One. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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Bigfoot Easter Eggs

You can find Bigfoot in a clearing if you drive from Seattle Station east. Enter the Northern Cascades forest and look for a dirt road. From there, head up into the hills to reach him.

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Area 51 Easter Eggs

You can find Area 51 by driving to the edge of the Mojave Desert, after you enter the Western Shrub-Steppes area in the Mountain States. It is a military base north and to the west of the Speed Skill 91 challenge. A silver spaceship is fenced in at the base.

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Questions and Answers

I  heard  that  whenyou  get  a  HQ  in  New  York  you  can  choose  another  faction  for  CC.  Is  that  true  ?  And  i  chose  a  faction  in  the  Midwest  .  Still  true? - Drzymek2007, 2 years ago - Reply  
How  do  you  get  the  golden  plate? - Tsholofelo , 3 years ago - Reply  
Sorry  they  were  for  pre-launch.  Now  that  the  game  has  launched  you  can  no  longer  enter  them.  I  missed  out  as  well  it  sucks  because  you  can't  find  my  of  that  in  the  game. - Rudy Hernandez, 2 years ago - Reply  

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