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Last Updated: May 21, 2022

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Endgame Crisis triggers Hints

An endgame crisis is a special event in which all life is threatened. Basically, your galaxy comes under attacked by a group that will destroy you unless you defeat them first, with no chance for diplomacy. All non-genocidal regular empires will open their borders, some Fallen Empires will as well, and Fallen Empires will fight if the invaders approach them.

There are three possible endgame crisis scenarios that can be triggered. After 50 years in the endgame, the crisis trigger will be rolled until a crisis occurs. Once a crisis is triggered, it will happen after 200 days + a random number of days.

Note: only one crisis is possible per game. If you want to see a specific crisis in a given playthrough, pay close attention to the triggers so you can avoid getting one of the other two instead.

Prethoryn Scourge – chances increase based on the number of endgame years that have passed

Extradimensional Invaders – chances increase if any empire has the Jump Drive or Psi Jump Drive, or if the Wanderlust Event chain has occurred

Contingency – chances increase if any empire has the Synthetics property, the Mechanical Pops, and if the Ancient Caretakers exist

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Increase Influence Hints

As you establish your place in the galaxy, your Influence will increase. Influence can be used to make claims, make decisions or edicts, construct new starbases, maintain diplomatic relations, and more. It’s an important thing to have.

An empire earns influence each month and can store up to 1000 influence at a time. The monthly influence an empire earns starts out at 3 per month and increases (or decreases) based on the following factors:

  • Protectorates - +0.25 each
  • Rivals - +0.5 each
  • Authoritarian ethic - +0.5
  • Fanatic Authoritarian ethic - +1
  • Gestalt Consciousness ethic - +1
  • Autonomous Agents tech - +1
  • Finishing the Domination tradition tree - +1
  • Deep Connections Ruler trait - +1
  • Psionic Ruler trait - +0.5
  • Chosen One Ruler trait - +1
  • Will to Power ambition - +5
  • Covenant: End of the Cycle - +5
  • Galatron - +2
  • Faction suppression - −1
  • Faction promotion - −2

Therefore, if you’re having trouble getting enough influence, you should take a careful look at your empire to see what sort of traits, technology, etc. can help you increase your amount of monthly influence.

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How to Use Jump Drives and the Extradimensional Invaders Crisis Hints

Jump Drives allow you to use faster-than-light travel to let your fleets jump between systems (within a certain distance from one another). To use a Jump Drive, you must first research the technology, and then equip it on your ships. When you use warp drive with the Jump Drive technology equipped, it will be automatically used, causing your ships to travel much faster.

Note: this is different than the way Jump Drive is handled in the PC version of the game. In the Console Edition, it is effectively just a faster warp drive.

All empires except for Gestalt Consciousness empires can also research the Psi Jump Drive, which increases the range allowed for a jump.

There is a 200 day cooldown after using the Jump Drive. Your fleet’s Damage and Sublight Speed are both lowered by 50% during this cooldown period as well.

Having Jump Drive technology also increases your chances of triggering the Extradimensional Invaders crisis. This crisis features invaders known as the Unbidden entering through a portal and threatening all existence. You will need to destroy their dimensional outposts and then the portal to end the invasion. Be warned that attacking the system in which the portal is located will cause them to bring all of their ships there to defend it. If the portal is destroyed, they will attempt to rebuild it.

If the Unbidden gain control of at least 15% of the galaxy, a second faction of extradimensional invaders called the Aberrant will arrive. 40 months after that, a third faction called the Vehement will also invade. These three factions are hostile toward each other, which you can use to your advantage, as they will often choose to target each other first.

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