Railway Empire 2: Digital Deluxe Edition Cheats on Xbox One (X1)

Last Updated: June 27, 2023
Railway Empire 2: Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: May 24, 2023
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Cheats Available Through a Trainer


Although there isn’t a native cheat system, you can still enhance the game by incorporating a trainer program. Opting for a trainer is one viable option. You recommended conducting thorough research and perusing trainer evaluations before integrating them into your system.

The Wemod Trainer can activate unlimited money and game speed and grant you access to approximately ten cheats. You can manipulate train conditions, train water, and innovation points. Procure the trainer and initiate it. 

The Wemod trainer has collected an abundance of positive feedback from users and offers a myriad of cheats. Some of the cheats accessible via the Wemod Trainer encompass the following options:

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Innovation Points

Unlimited Train Condition

Unlimited Train Sand

Unlimited Train Water

Unlimited train Oil

Game Speed

Edit: Money

Edit: Innovation Point

Edit: Selected City's Population

Cheat Happens demonstrates several cheats available for Railway Empire 2: Digital Deluxe Edition

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Before embarking on your railway empire journey, explore the various settings available in the game. There are different options to customize your experience:

Endless Mode with Challenges: You’ll play a custom game resembling an endless mode. It offers both unlimited money and specific challenges for us to face.

Choosing a Region: The game allows you to start from several different regions, including Europe and North America.

Character Selection and Bonuses: Each character offers unique advantages; for example, Helen is an entrepreneur with bonuses focused on express trains and freight efficiency, so choose wisely based on your preferred playstyle.

Difficulty Settings: You should choose a middle ground regarding initial funding and competitors. Additionally, you'll include the inflation rate, which increases building costs over time. Moreover, you'll enable unlimited region concessions, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game.

How You Start it All

You start your railway empire journey in New York City, the heart of the economic world, in 1830. As you explore the map, you can see the surrounding territories and potential areas for expansion. Your opponents have already begun building their networks, adding an exciting competitive element to the game.

How to Establish Yourself in the Game

You must carefully plan your first train line to establish a profitable and efficient railway network. Evaluating the surrounding areas, you identify two main opportunities: the production of wool and logs in Clark Station and the demand for spear and grain in Albany. By connecting these locations, you can create a profitable freight line.

Opportunities and Challenges as You Progress

As you begin constructing the track system, you encounter elevation challenges. To overcome this, you can utilize bridges and tunnels at an additional cost. Strategically align the tracks to accommodate multiple locomotives and maximize efficiency. Additionally, you can add city buildings, such as the gridiron, supply tower, and maintenance post, to enhance your operations.

How to Start The Empire Machine

Now that your track system is complete, you can set your first freight train in motion. You select a suitable locomotive and assign it to transport wool and logs from Clark Station to Albany. The connection bonuses are vital in generating additional revenue, making it crucial to maintain and expand your railway network to unlock new opportunities.

Starting Your First Freight Train

The game offers an immersive and captivating gameplay experience where players can build and manage their railway empires in the 19th century. With its diverse features, including multiplayer mode, customizable settings, and strategic challenges, the game promises countless hours of entertainment. Whether you're a fan of transportation simulations or looking for an engaging strategy game, the game will surely deliver another beautiful gaming experience.

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