NHL 19 Hints on Xbox One (X1)

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Basic Tips Hints

While NHL 19 plays in many ways like previous entries in the franchise, it has also made some changes, tweaks, and improvements to the gameplay formula that are worth keeping in mind.

Vision control is much more important than it was in the past. It lets you line up with the puck if you don’t have it, or skate backwards with it if you do. Practice with vision control to make sure you have a grip on the controls.

Positioning is important. Make sure to position your players well.

Keep an eye on your stamina. If you lose your stamina, your traits and specialties won’t be active. Try to save your energy for when you really need a burst of speed.

Poke-checking has changed significantly in this NHL entry. Aim your poke-check away from the opponent and make sure not to go through the opponent’s legs, or you’ll get a penalty.

You don’t always want to prevent your opponent from making a shot. If your opponent’s shot will rebound, let them make it so you can get a shot on the rebound before your opponent is able to block it.

When switching players, you can use the right analog stick to aim at the player you want to switch to. This lets you quickly switch to any player you want, instead of just the last one you were controlling.

When scouting, make sure to remove your bad scouts and build up a solid group of good scouts, and station at least one scout in every region rather than focusing solely on the areas where you can find a lot of players. Don’t be afraid to move your scouts, either—if a scout has gone through a small pool already, move them to another region.

Be sure to check on available free agents, as well. You can scout potential free agents in the final weeks of the season from the Pending Free Agents options.

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