NBA 2K14 Glitches on Xbox One (X1)

Here are our Glitches for NBA 2K14 on Xbox One. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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Infinite SP (Level 99 MyPlayer) Glitches

First, gather about 310-320 SP. Next, find a signature jump shot that costs 300 SP.

Now simply buy it, and if the 2K gods smile on you, you will have a negative amount of SP.

Buy anything else, and you can, so simply buy everything! (I personally did it with 315 SP, and it worked).

Enjoy your utter domination!

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Easy VC Glitches

I found a better and more fun way of doing the vc thing for Xbox 1 and PS4 all you is go on season mode put the amount of games downs to 12 or 24 2 min quarters also make sure use shakeNbake on ps4 roster and Vc Thunder I think for Xbox 1 than you no matter what win and get a lot of VC for fun and it\'s legit

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