Hints for Minecraft on Xbox One (X1)

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Multiple Bonus Chests

Follow the steps below to get multiple bonus chests.

  1. Turn the bonus chest option on.
  2. Enter a survival game with no seeds.
  3. Take the chest.
  4. Save and quit. When you return to the map, the chest will be there again.

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X-Ray Vision

  1. Take a block of glowstone, then an ender pearl.
  2. Then dig three blocks down and place the glowstone above you.
  3. Then get the ender pearl and throw it at the glowstone.

By: foxgirl101   322 234

Fast Creative Duplication (For Consoles And PCs)

(Creative)  Go to controls make a button for pick block and put the item in an item frame or block on another block a drop and then pick block it.

By: Liam   4 1

Zombie to Villager

Get a zombie villager and put it in a cage to were you can hit it but it can't get out. Then get a 'Splash Potion of Weakness' and a golden apple. Throw the potion on the zombie and then use the golden apple on it. It will take about 2 minutes but the zombie will turn back into a villager.

By: Snubbird1060543   13 28

Rainbow sheep

First, grab a name tag and name it jeb_, then click on a sheep and then you have a rainbow sheep!

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Music Discs

If you want to get music discs, the best thing to do is to arm yourself with a bow. At night, find a Skeleton and a Creeper and get them together. Shoot the Creeper twice. The Skeleton will then be able to kill it with a single blow, and there will be a music disc at the spot where the Creeper died.

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Fighting Hints

When fighting Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders, the best strategy is to use a sword and dogs. However, if a dog fights a Spider alone, the Spider will win. Stay close to cats to protect yourself from Creepers. Even untamed cats will help. When fighting Enderman, keep in mind that it is harmed by water.

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Dragon Killing for Experience

First kill the dragon and then go to the stronghold and throw the dragon's egg.

This way the dragon will respawn. Then copy your world from the PSN/Xbox save files.

Then you should delete the original world and enter the copy.

You will find the dragon again with everything you had!

So this is a good way to get lots of experience from killing many dragons.

By: The miner   82 124

Respawn the enderdragon

If you place four end crystals on each side on the enderdragon nest with the egg on the middle pole, it will respawn the other end crystals on the obsidian towers and then respawn the dragon.

By: Unknown   53 135

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