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Last Updated: February 16, 2022

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Tuning Guide


  • When you are tuning your car, you should focus on its handling first, before you worry about power. Your first priority should be working on everything that does not raise the PI too much.
  • Focus on the end of the car that is having the problem. Once it is fixed, you can adjust the sides of the car to stiffen and soften as the situation requires.
  • You need to add every handling part, except for weight reduction. You should also add a race differential, particularly for the top end cars. If your car is class A or S, you should add aero, but if it is class C or D, do not. If your car is class B, it's up to you to decide.
  • When you tune your transmission, make sure you can adjust the final drive. You can set the acceleration for shorter tracks and use top speed when you're on a track with long stretches of straight road.
  • Recommended Tunes will serve as a handy guide to see which areas you still need to work on.
  • Consider upgrading the engine cam, then the exhaust, and then the air filter.
  • If you want to tune your car in order to perform wheelies, get as many engine upgrades as you can, although you should keep the standard engine. Get all of the brake upgrades, as well. Upgrade the clutch transmission, the driveline, and the differential, along with every other piece of the drivetrain. You should add parts for race suspension, front roll bys, and rear roll bys, but not a roll cage. Use drag tires for the car's front tires, and use wide tires in the back.
  • Tune the car so to put the front tire pressure up as much as possible and the back tire pressure down as much as possible. Set the Final Drive of your forward gears to 4.3 and set the 1st to 2.5. Set both the front and back to zero degrees for the camber and toe, and maximize level of the front caster. Maximize the front and back levels for the anti-roll bars, as well.
  • Make the front tire springs as soft as you can and the back tire springs as stiff as you can. Also make the front as soft as you can and the back as stiff as you can for the rebound and bump settings. Maximize the car's ride height in both the front and the back. Set the braking force balance to 20% in the back, and put the pressure on maximum.

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