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Last Updated: December 3, 2022
Farming Simulator 22
  • First Released: Nov 21, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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Using Mods to make the game fun


Installing modifications on any game can make your gaming experience much more enjoyable and the same goes for Farming Simulator 22 however if you’re a beginner it's recommended that you go easy on the mods.

If you’re still learning the basics of the game, modifying the fundamentals can be detrimental. There are a few in-game modifications that can benefit a beginner, but for the most part, until you have experience in the game it's better to stick to the basics.

Mods make the game fun, but without "moderation" it might end up ruining the game. 

This video will show you all the details needed to Mod your game on PC

Sell equipment not in use


By opting for the game’s easiest mode, “new farmer”, you would have started the game with a pre-built farm and a lot of extra equipment.

In the beginning of the game, you won’t require all of the equipment that comes with this when you're just starting off, though. This is a fantastic method to make money by selling the extra equipment and putting it towards buying the things you really need.

Go Vegan? Just focus on the plants for now.


It's absolutely better to go vegan at least in the beginning. Cows, for example, are a great way to gain income in Farming Simulator 22 however they will demand a significant investment to get started, as well as ongoing maintenance to sustain high productivity levels.

Crops like the ones that were mentioned before are the most straightforward to invest your time and effort in as a new business. When you are ready, branch out into animals, but only after you’ve gained a green thumb and mastered your crops.

Farmer Cop helps out with some great tips for beginners

It Ain't much, but it's honest work. How to earn money.


Make sure to research

In Farming Simulator 22, there are a number of different cars and equipment to choose from. There are as many brand selections in the Farming Simulator 22 marketplace as there are in racing games. Things may appear flashy, but in Farming Simulator 22, substance must take precedence over style. Before you click buy, know what you need and browse around to check if there isn’t a better or cheaper choice available elsewhere.

Begin small and then work your way up

Continuing from the previous tip, don’t go buy the largest and most powerful tractor if you only have one field. To put it another way, start small and expand as the farm expands. Buying expensive equipment straight away is a bad idea, because there is such a thing as having too much equipment on hand.

Avoid going into debt

The game is so detailed that if you’re not careful, you can soon see yourself in debt. In-game, there is a loan system that can be useful, but it also can be hazardous if utilized incorrectly. Loans can make a major difference in your purchasing capacity when you’re a more established farmer. They assist in this case, but it is risky for the rookie. When you initially start off, you have no idea how much money you have. You also don’t have much money to fall back on, so if something goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong. Before you even contemplate this, make sure you have some considerable savings.

Raptor just knows the best ways to make that cash. Here are some money making tips

Stick to the basics, otherwise it can get our of hand.


One of the most difficult aspects of Farming Simulator 22 is the process of farming crops. To make the planting, producing, and harvesting easier, choose crops like wheat, oats, barley, soy, canola, and sorghum.

Sugar beets for example should be avoided like the plague as they are complicated enough for the most skilled of farmers. You will have a healthy stock-up of all these crops in your inventory by starting the game on ‘New Farmer’ mode.

Contract work to earn extra income


Contract jobs are easy to overlook in the menu. Contract work entails being given a task to accomplish in exchange for monetary compensation. You will also be loaned the necessary equipment, so you need not worry about still being a beginner. These are some of Farming Simulator 22’s most straightforward victories.

You should strive to finish available contract jobs on other farms while the AI workers are in control of your farm. The amount of money you will make from these contract jobs is decided by the size of the farm's field; the larger the field, the more money you will make.

Seasons should be turned off


Seasons are one of the most interesting new aspects in Farming Simulator 22. Despite this, they do bring a new level of difficulty to the game for the player. It is highly recommended for new players to turn seasons off to make gameplay easier until they have the gist of the game.

See the new Seasons feature, but don't use it.

Maintenance should be easy.


Machines should be repaired on a regular basis

In Farming Simulator 22, the machinery you use will eventually wear down and need to be fixed in order to get it running again. You will avoid receiving a large repair bill if you repair the machinery regularly rather than accumulating repairs over a longer period of time. Your machinery will also last longer.

Disable AI worker purchases

Turning off everything under ‘AI Worker Purchases’ section in game settings is recommended because this option allows AI workers to utilize your money to refill resources such as fertilizers, seeds and gasoline. They will sometimes do this when it is unnecessary, resulting in you wasting your money.

Maintain your farm

Check your farm on a regular basis to ensure that it is operating to its best potential, which includes making sure you have plowed the fields to keep the stone and weed-free. Plant seeds and fertilize your crops on a regular basis. By going across the field, you may check on the growth percentage of your crops to see if they are ready to be harvested or not.


Another thing to keep in mind is that if you ever have trouble understanding something in Farming Simulator 22, the in-game tutorials are excellent at explaining things.

Haut-Beyleron Collectible Cartridge Locations


There is a total of 20 cartridges to collect, each rewarding you with $50 000. Each Cartridge represents a unique take on a classic video game.

  1. Head to the town northwest from your starting farm keeping an eye on the map for the ‘W’ shaped paths, the cartridge is under a park bench in the grassy section between the left and centre prongs.
  2. This cartridge is located on the middle roof of the bakery building in the same town as the first. To get to the cartridge in the corner adjacent to the black ladder, jump on the sloped roof on the right and parkour across.
  3. This cartridge, like the first two, is located near the town, but this time you'll want to head to the waterfront. There will be a small building with two dinghy boats leaning against the wall. The cartridge can be found on the floor between the two boats.
  4. You'll notice various houses on the right side of the road traveling north of the town described previously, one with a watchtower-style roof. To get the cartridge on the side, parkour from the red parked car onto the roof, then leap up onto the stairwell and into the watchtower.
  5. You'll want to head slightly south of the castle and look for a circular cavern flowing through the mountain hidden behind some greenery. The cartridge will be at the eastern exit on the cavern floor.
  6. A row of three open-air rooms will be located just beneath the castle on the southern side. The cartridge is concealed in some bushes in the central room, close behind the lamppost.
  7. You'll discover a small dark stairwell in the main room when you climb to the top of the castle wall. The cartridge is located on the floor after following the few steps to a dead end.
  8. A large slender prong of land surrounded by a body of water lies just south of the town and castle. The cartridge can be found near to a tree with dark hanging leaves at the very end of that stretch.
  9. The train line runs through an unusual shape to the west of town. You'll want to get to the train line on the bridge above, which appears to be a dry dock or water outlet of some sort. The cartridge is hidden away in one of the bridge's alcoves on the northern side.
  10. A building that looks to be floating between the terrain on either side of the map can be found just south of the previous cartridge. You'll discover the cartridge near some wooden struts supporting the building on the western side, right down by the water.
  11. Follow that little strip of land as far west as you can from the last cartridge, and you'll come to a small square with many stone seats. The cartridge is hidden behind one of the benches to the north, blending in with the shrubs behind it.
  12. A woody region can be found at the far south of the map, near to the river. There will be a noticeable massive rock in that place. You'll locate your next cartridge in one of the rock's divets.
  13. A little house partway up the mountain to the east of the castle has a full-scale catapult off to the side. The cartridge is located inside the catapult's launcher.
  14. A small watchtower-style construction may be found on the summit of the mountain east of the castle. The cartridge is hidden under the arch closest to the other structures.
  15. A tiny fenced area with trees will be located at the southern base of the mountain indicated in the previous cartridge description. You'll find the cartridge laying behind one of the northernmost trees.
  16. A woody region can be discovered at the extreme north of the map. A disorganized stone staircase can be found on the eastern edge of the woods. Climb the stairwell, and your cartridge will be at the top of the structure.
  17. A modest cafe-style facility will be located between fields 7 and 8 on the map. An arcade machine can be found tucked away towards the back of the building. A cartridge is installed on this machine.
  18. There will be a structure with a guarded driveway only a little bit north of the previous cartridge. Parkour over the wall (or use a vehicle if you have one) to find the next cartridge in a little grassy indent on the wall near a tree.
  19. An observatory can be seen in the far northwest corner of the map. A small outhouse sits near to a guarded power generator to the east of the observatory. The cartridge can be found towards the back (northern side) of that small dwelling.
  20. Your final cartridge is immediate to the left of field 5 and is directly south of the previous cartridge. On the north end of the structure, there will be a collapsing wall, and the cartridge will be halfway up on that wall.
This Video Guides you to all the Cartridge locations

Erlengrat Cheese Wedges Locations


You will instantly receive $20 000 with each cheese wedge you collect. With a total of 12 cheese wedges, you can make a cool $240 000.

1.     At the train station, this wedge can be located between fields 3 and 7 sitting on a wooden box on the platform.

2.     A garden square is located to the right of field 19 and directly above Kaerei Erlengrat. Your next bit of cheese is sitting on the floor beside one of the flower pots in the middle of the walkway.

3.     Liechti Chocolatier is a short bit northwest of the previous wedge, remaining to the right of field 19. The simplest way to get there is to follow the prompt on the map screen; an elevated platform will be straight to your right of your spawn spot. The cheese is sitting on a wooden box on the platform.

4.     A large white home with a swing outside is located south of the previous two wedges, below Kaserei Erlengrat. Your next wedge of cheese is sitting on the swing.

5.     A cathedral-style building may be found directly east of Kaserei Erlengrat. A bench can be found just off the road with the cheese on it.

6.     A row of dwellings will run parallel to field 22. The house on the far west side will have a yellow gazebo, and the next slither of cheese will be shaded beneath it.

7.     A lone building can be seen in the map's middle south. An orange barrel stands to the side of the structure with the cheese wedge on top.

8.     A restaurant can be found in the far southwest corner of the map. The cheese is not on the dining tables, as one might anticipate, but on a generator box off to the side of the building.

9.     A row of houses is located directly east of your starting farm. Your next wedge of cheese will again be seated steadily on a swing outside the first house you'll come across.

10.  A big resort-style building may be found south of the river, just below the eastern "Rent Train" mark. Your next wedge may be found on the wooden walkway on the building's northwest side, sitting on a bench taking in the sights.

11.  As you travel south of field 22, the number of curves in the road will increase. Eventually, you'll come across a larger group of buildings surrounded by a large stone foundation and walkway. This wedge can be found on a seat on the north side of the building.

12.  North of the Spinnery and Supermarket, just below the railroad line on the map, a couple of garbage dumpsters are located around the sides of the buildings. The cheese can be found sitting on the floor to the right of the dumpsters.

This video shows all the locations of the Cheese wedges?

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