Hints for Farming Simulator 15 on Xbox One (X1)

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Make Money

If you want to earn money to get yourself started, then when you first start a new game, sell everything you own (things in your garage) so that you can afford to buy a solar panel.

Place the solar panel and then set the time scale to max (120x) leave the game on over night, you can continue playing of you wish but try not to spend too much, leaving over night is the best option in my opionion, the solar panel makes $190 per game hour, so much more in real time, in just a few hours from one solar panel you can have $500k dollars plus, to make money quicker buy more solar panels and repeat, once you have enough, start to do the same thing again with wind turbines which make $2000 per game hour, leave it play whilst you go to work or go shopping and make lots of money :)

By: wackojacko   13 24

Money maker

Never mind the wind turbine or selling all equipment. Buy you a saw cut all the big trees by the saw mill and push the whole tree in pond. Problem solved. Trust me you will double what a wind turbine makes an hr less then 30 minutes..

By: LilWheat   1

Easy monney

bjorholm map

Sell all ur stuff including crops and take out max loan.

By the tree harvester and plant poplar trees by the mill pond cut the tree drag it over and cut it to lengths get about 17k a length for first two or three lengths then it be like 13k a length

Keep Doin that and you can make a lot

Of monney a lot quicker than the beehive trick

By: Dean   14 8

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