Dragon Age: Inquisition Hints on Xbox One (X1)

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Earn Gold and XP Hints

To earn a lot of gold and experience, fight the enemies in the oasis at the western side of the Hissing Wastes. Defeat them for the experience and collect the Wyvern Scales they drop to sell them at 4,000 gold apiece. You can leave and come back for the enemies to respawn.

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War Nug Mount Hints

Buy "The Mystery Box" from the chest by Deraboam in Val Royeaux to gain a mission called "The Big One?" on the war board. Send out an advisor, and you'll receive a War Nug mount.

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Climbing Tip Hints

Your party members will automatically find the best climbing paths. When one reaches a good point, switch to that character and then back to your own. Both will appear at the party member's spot.

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Wedge of Destiny Hints

You can find a cheese-shaped shield called the Wedge of Destiny in a chest on a high ledge by one of the Crestwood camps, near the first camp you visit.

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Ferelden Forder Hints

Head west in the Hinterlands to get "The Master of Horses" and meet Master Dennet. He will offer you a Ferelden Forder from his stables for free.

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