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Unlimited Items and Skill Point Guides

You can earn unlimited items if you open a chest that contains multiple items, leave at least one behind, and then fast travel to another location. This will work with chests that contain Amulets of Power and other items, as well, which lets you gain unlimited skill points.

One place you can do this is in Crestwood. If you have a Rogue with you and have the "Deft Hands, Fine Tools" perk (unlocked after four others in the Secrets tree), you can open a locked door to the right of the Crestwood fast travel location, and find a chest with an Amulet of Power and a Gold Amulet. Take the Amulet of Power, leave the Gold Amulet, and fast travel to another location. You can then return to get another Amulet of Power.

This may be patched out of the game.

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Inquisition Party Members Guides

Several non-playable characters can also join the Inquisition, helping as either Connections, Forces, Secrets, or Inquisition agents.

  • Barter by Belle (Connections) - After you meet the Chantry and Lord Seeker Templars in Val Royeaux, find her in an outdoor stand and speak with her.
  • Enchanter Ellendra (Connections) - Loot the Templars' bodies at Winterwatch Tower in the Hinterlands, and then go talk to her at the Crossroads with Cassandra.
  • Fairbanks (Connections) - Complete "Noble Deeds, Noble Hearts," obtained from Clara at Argon's Lodge at Emerald Graves, and ask Fairbanks to join.
  • Florianne (Connections) - Expose Florianne's role in the conspiracy to assassinate the Empress at Halamshiral, and force her to join from Skyhold.
  • Sky Watcher (Connections) - Go to Hargrave's Keep at the Fallow Mire and rescue the soldiers there. The Sky Watcher is by a Fade Rift you'll need to close before talking to him.
  • Clemence (Forces) - After encountering Alexius and Fiona during the mages' alliance section in Redcliffe, talk to Clemence at the Gull & Lantern tavern.
  • Corporal Vale (Forces) - You'll have the option of letting Vale's forces join you after you rescue a certain number of refugees in the Hinterlands.
  • Michel de Chevin (Forces) - Once you get the quest to kill Imshael, obtained from a soldier at Emprise du Lion's village inn, go to Suledin Keep at talk to Michel de Chevin before the battle.
  • Loranil (Forces) - Complete a certain number of quests at the Exalted Plains' Dalish Camp.
  • Ser Barris (Forces) - Go to the Therinfal Redoubt, join the Templars, and play through "Champions of the Just."
  • The Blades of Hessarian (Forces) - Craft and equip "Mercy's Quest," then enter the bandit camp at Storm's Coast. You must challenge and defeat the bandit leader, and then talk to anyone else in the camp.
  • Ritts (Secrets) - Play through "Strange Bedfellows," obtained from Inquisitor Scout at the Hinterlands' White Pass Camp, either as a dwarf or with Varric in your party.
  • Tanner (Secrets) - Fight the Templars in the Hinterlands to find a note linking Tanner to smugglers. Go to Redcliffe with Cassandra, follow the path by the Chantry, and talk to Tanner.
  • Jana (Secrets) - Go to Crestwood with Solas and talk to Jana at the North Gate Camp.
  • Frederic (Secrets) - Finish his entire quest line at the Western Approach.
  • Alexius (Secrets) - Join the mages at Redcliffe Castle, let Alexius live, and force him to join from Skyhold. You'll need to have the Arcane Knowledge perk to do this.
  • Servis (Secrets) - Find him at Western Approach, arrest him, and force him to join from Skyhold.
  • Horsemaster Dennet (Inquisition) - Talk to him at his ranch, on the western side of the Hinterlands, with Cassandra or Vivienne in your party.
  • Lord Berand (Forces/Connections) - Play through his quest after talking to him at Dwarfson's Pass in the Hinterlands, and choose which way you'd like him to help.
  • Speaker Anais (Connections/Secrets) - Go to the Hinterlands and play through "Praise the Herald of Andraste," and choose the way you'd like Anais to join.

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Hidden Treasure Guide Guides

The following maps will lead you to hidden treasure.

  • Farmland Cave - You can find the map in Hafter's Woods. It will lead you west of the Redcliffe Farms, to Dead Ram Grove. At the top of a hill there, there is a cave, as well as a different cave in the south. Head inside to find the treasure.
  • Halihn Sulahn - You can find the map beyond the dragon at Ghilan'nain's Grove, near the camp. Get around the dragon either through force or stealth. Once you have the map, follow it south of the Dalish Camp in the Exalted Plains. Climb up to the right of the waterfall to find the treasure.
  • Watcher's Pass - You can find the map in a building in the camp at the Emerald Graves. The map will lead you west toward the Rush of Sighs, where a Fade Rift waits by a mountain. Climb up, and then head past the left side of the sole tree to find the treasure.
  • Waterfall - You can find the map in the high camp in the Hinterlands. It will lead you toward Lake Luthias, across the West Road to the damaged bridge. From there, head east to the waterfall. You'll need to fight some Templars. From there, another path leads to the waterfall and an out-of-place dirt patch, where the treasure is.

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