Easter Eggs for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider on Xbox One (X1)

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Prey reference

One of the safes in the bank belongs to Morgan Yu. Morgan Yu is the name of the protagonist in Prey, from the same developers.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Dark Souls reference

On the roof of the bank, you can find a sword stuck in a bonfire. This is a reference to the Dark Souls series.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Granny Rags reference

There is a letter that alludes to Granny Rags/Vera Moray from the first Dishonored.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Daud steals painting

If you don’t steal the painting in the first mission, Daud will steal it himself once he’s free.

By: Samantha Lienhard  


The lockbox code for Luigi Galvani is 287, the same code used for the safe in Dr. Galvani’s house in the first game.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

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