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  • Genre: Shooter, Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)
  • Ratings: ESRB M
  • First Release (Any platform): Dec 30, 2018

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Hidden Vendor Locations Hints

There are three hidden vendors in the Marin area. These vendors won’t be there right when you go to their locations, but instead will spawn when you defeat the enemies (either hellbugs or 99ers) in the area. One is close to the Rampage: Minigun Mayhem challenge, another is near Top-Notch Toolworks, and the third is near Crystal Pond. It is worth seeking out these hidden vendors, as they have good items for sale.

The video guide below should help you find them and make sure they spawn.

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TV Show Tie-In Easter Eggs

While not quite an Easter egg within the game itself, the original Defiance was launched as a companion to the TV show also called Defiance, which aired for three seasons. When the game received a major update later on, the studio marketed it as Season Four.

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Transfer from Defiance? Hints

Although Defiance 2050 is largely the same as the original Defiance, just reworked, it is unfortunately impossible to transfer character data from Defiance to Defiance 2050. Players starting Defiance 2050 will need to start over, even if they’d previously played Defiance.

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Questions and Answers

Hi  first  what  do  the  letters  DPS  stand  for,  what  do  you  do  with  a  gun  after  it  has  been  mastered?    Is  it  better  to  use  a  gun  with  a  high  damage  rating  or  is  it  better  to  use  a  gun  with  a  high  power  level  number.  I  thank  you  for  these  answers  John  C. - John Covino., 2 years ago - Reply  

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