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Last Updated: December 30, 2022
  • First Released: Dec 2, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Unfortunately, Chorus does not offer in-game cheats such as console commands and cheat codes, they like to make it hard for those that just want a more chilled play style. This, however, does not stop our community from doing their best to make cheats available for you. If you download a trainer for Chorus, you will get access to cheats such as infinite health, infinite shield, infinite energy, no overheating for your Gatling gun, infinite credit, a credit multiplier, one-shot kill, a damage multiplier, and much more. Just make sure to download the trainer from a trusted website.

Where  would  I  download  a  Trainer  from,  as  it  is  on  PlayStation  5  console  .  Any  help  very  appreciated  thank  you  ?
Jonathan Ewing, 1 year ago - Reply

Some Useful Hints


Getting that Permadeath right
Using this can save you hours and hours of frustration when trying out the permadeath difficulty. If you ever reach that moment where you are like “well, I am dead…”, one of the quickest ways to get out of that situation is to simply open the menu, and select “restart from checkpoint”. This will help you reload quicker and save your pride while you are at it!

Stick to Easy
Although Chorus offers many different difficulty settings, all of these difficulties will be hard. The learning curve for the controls is quite steep, so especially if you are newer to space shooters, stick to the Easy difficulty until you have the hang of the game controls. Even after you have learned the controls, stick to Easy and adjust as you go so that you do not end up with hours of frustration when you are not progressing on the harder difficulties.

Start with the grind, not the story
Chorus will offer a short introduction mission, after you have finished this mission, you will have a whole new galaxy to explore. It is recommended that you start off by choosing to utilize the open world feature and go exploring. This will enable you to farm up some money and gear by doing side quests to make the main storyline a little bit easier for you when you choose to pursue the main questline.

Useful Beginner Guides


Use the save as you go method
Much like every other game that you play with an open world feature, Chorus offers a save option that will save you in the event of something bad. The best option is to save every time you get a chance or after every decent bit of loot you receive, in the event of something bad happening from game freezes to unfortunate events in-game. This will allow you to keep all the cool stuff that you have earned along the way.

Survivability over strength
In the beginning, once you have unlocked the shipyard, you are given access to ship upgrades. This can be an overwhelming option as there are so many things to do and spend money on. Your average player takes this opportunity to look at the biggest gun that they have to offer, however in the early game, it is better to focus on upgrading your health and shields before buying bigger guns. This will help with your survivability in the early game enough to help you buy all the big guns you want later.

Make sure you know how Masteries work.
Taking a look at the Mastery section, you will notice that it does not work off of experience like most Role Playing Game aspects, but rather more like achievements. Take a look at the first gun, the gun will level up based on the amount of enemies killed, rather than the experience gained. The same goes for the hull of your ship, which levels up based on how much damage it has received. So make sure to focus on what parts you are wanting to upgrade and work on facing them against what they need to level up.

Masteries Do Help out
Utilising the mastery options early and grinding for those upgrades will help you out in the long run, focusing on earning those upgrades will help make you stronger and more sustainable once you reach the late game where things are a little tougher. So get an early jump on grinding out those masteries and see how much easier the late-game becomes.

Learning about gun types helps you a lot 
The space ships in Chorus offer different types of guns, namely Gatling, laser, and missile. Each of these three types offers different strengths and weaknesses, such as fire rate, overheat time, and cooldown. Reading up on what each of these gun types offers will help you in your combat. Knowing when to use each type will help you win those dogfights in the vacuum of space. 

Use your Rites!
Nara can show off her own abilities with actions called Rites, with these rites, the player can do special moves like teleport and such. Learning how to use these Rites in which situations can help with the zero gravity dogfights. Testing them all out and learning which ones best suit your fighting style will definitely benefit you in the long run, many different Rites can be used and some go better with certain types of weapons or work better against certain enemies. So take your time to learn your Rites and you will triumph in the long run.

Just keep moving
The idea behind combat is to make sure your enemy has no idea what you are going to do next. Taking that into account, the easiest way to make sure your enemies miss you, is simply to just keep moving. A moving target is much harder to hit, and when you couple that with using your boost and teleport abilities will make you nearly impossible to hit. So keep those engines running, float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee.

How to drive the Forsaken
Learning the controls of the Forsaken could be the easy part for some players. Learning how to pilot the thing can be a different story, with enemies, weapons, and big floating rocks around, learning some finesse can be the best thing to help you out. Take some time to learn how to fly around objects and enemies while switching weapons and keeping them insight can help you win dogfights much easier than if you have no idea what you are doing.

Bai Gaming shows players a walkthrough as well as side missions.

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