Call of Duty: Ghosts Unlockables on Xbox One (X1)

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Extinction Mode Unlockables

There are two ways you can unlock Extinction Mode, in which four players fight aliens. You can complete the first four missions of the campaign ("Ghost Stories," "Brave New World," "No Man's Land," and "Struck Down") on the Regular difficulty level or higher, or you can play multiplayer until you reach Level 5.

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Camouflages Unlockables

Complete the tasks below with a weapon to unlock camouflages for that specific weapon.

Basic Camouflages

  • Autumn Camo - Use the weapon to get 35 assists
  • Brush Camo - Use the weapon to get 150 weapon kills while you are crouching
  • Caustic Camo - Use the weapon in one life to get 3 kill-streaks 25 times
  • Crocodile Camo - Use the weapon to get 40 longshot kills
  • Green Camo - Use the weapon to get 40 point blank kills
  • Net Camo - Use the weapon to get 500 total kills
  • Ocean Camo - Use the weapon to get 20 rescue kills (kill an enemy that is shooting at one of your teammates)
  • Red Camo - Remove any attachments from the weapon and use it to get 150 kills
  • Scale Camo - Use the weapon to get 100 kills while you are leaning
  • Snow Camo - Use the weapon to get 75 weapon kills
  • Trail Camo - Use the weapon to kill an enemy right after you reload it, 35 times (35 kills)
  • Woodland Camo - Use the weapon to get 15 kills right after you slide
  • Gold Camo - Unlock all of the camouflages listed above for the weapon

Clan Camouflages

  • Body Count Camo - Play "Clan Wars" and win a gold division war
  • Kiss of Death Camo - Play "Clan Wars" and reach Level 23 with your Elite clan

DLC Camos

  • Ice Camo - This camouflage is only found in the Team Leader Pack DLC, which come as part of the Season Pass

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Ghillie Suit Unlockables

You must complete the "Chrome Barrel Master" challenge to unlock the Ghillie Suit. Check the "Weapon Challenges" list to see if the challenge is active. If it isn't, go to "Operations" and spend squad points to get new challenges until it becomes active.

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