Boomerang Fu Cheats on Xbox One (X1)

Last Updated: September 12, 2022
Boomerang Fu
  • First Released: Aug 12, 2020
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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As you may know many powerups combine. Although the game limited 3 powerups and is random unless you change the modifers.

Lets start off with the extra boomerang, which grants you 2 boomerangs, so if you have for example muliti Boomerang with a maybe a fire, explosive, or ice Boomerang, you will be able to throw a boomerang that leaves a flaming or freezing trail behind it turning into many boomerang engulfing the map with boomerangs that explode or leave a flaming or freezing trail behind, which you will be able to throw twice.

Another one which is a favorite is telekinesis with ice and explosive boomerang. This combination is meant for team play where you hide in a corner while you teamate/s distracts for a bit while you get your attack ready. The combination allows you to throw a boomerang that you can control to attack enemies or at the very least freeze them. When you do this you leave a freeze trail everywhere behind making easier targets. The boomerang also explodes, but because of the ice instead of blowing everyone up it just freezes them. The reason being for this combination is that you can freeze them and avoid them, and when it explodes you get your boomerang almost instantly. The reason for not instantly trying to kill them with a fire trail instead of ice or get rid of the ice all together is because first you can end up blowing yourself up or buring yourself or even your teamate. It will also be hard to defend yourself because you probably can't throw it without suicide. If you take out the bomb you can probably use fire too, but be sure to keep your boomerang close by. The muilti Boomerang or extra boomerang doesn't seem to work with this because you only control one and you have to throw all of them to use it, which allows enemies with many openings to kill you or escape.

One last combination I would like to share is with teleportation. Teleportation works well with almost every combination for escape and sneak attacks. One teleport strategy, which can be played many ways, is teleportation, caffeinated, and muilti Boomerang. With this you can be pretty hyper and annoying allowing you to throw many boomerangs teleport to all of them to run, attack , or just to pick them all up. The caffeine just gives you extra speed with that hyper play to run and attack. It can be switched with the extra boomerang that when you attack you don't just kick but you can use that extra boomerang to fight with. With teleport throwing is the safe play and just teleporting away if anyone gets to close or to dodge easier than blocking with perfect aiming and timing.

It is great to know all the many combinations, to know how to use them, and how they work.

By: Mew two7 Comment
The  extra  and  muilti  Boomerang  work  now  and  it  is  super  powerful
Mew two7, 2 years ago - Reply



In the full version of the game it contains the follwing powerups:

Extra Boomerang, which is self-explanatory but you can hit twice in a row relativity quick.

Caffeinated, which grants extra speed.

Dash through Walls, which allows you to jump over obstacles (walls, boomerangs, fire, etc).

Teleport Boomerang, which allows you to teleport to your boomerang if thrown.(you can teleport to the random boomerangs of a mulit boomerang)

Explosive Boomerang, which detonates your boomerang when thrown in a relatively large area blowing enemies, teamates, and yourself if your not careful.(combines with other powerups, like telekinesis, fire, ice, etc) It also almost instantly gives it back once it blows up allowing many neat combinations.

Muliti Boomerang, which splits your boomerang into multiple boomerangs, but when it hits a wall, or when it flies far enough. You must make all of them come back to you or pick them up for you to throw it again.

Fire Boomerang, which adds a fire trail slowly burning enemies, teamates, and yourself if anyone was to touch it.

Ice Boomerang, which is similar to the Fire Boomerang, but adds a non deadly freezing ice trail freezing anyone who touches it in place.

Disguise, which if you stand still long enough you become a random prop, but any action like charging a throw or moving will turn you back to normal.

Shield, which gives allows you to get hit twice.

Telekinesis, which allows you to move your boomerang side to side back and forth to kill your enemies combining with ice, fire, and explosive boomerang, to cause a fire, ice, or exploding self control Boomerang. Although there is a max range, but if you get closer to it then it can go farther.

Battle Royale, which slowly closes the border to the area the powerup was picked up at.

Decoy, which can only be used once a match or life that summons a decoy when you dash.

Bamboozled, which inverts the controls slightly for a little while, but it is still playable.

Note: Many of these power ups can combine

By: Mew two7 Comment

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