Battlefield 1 (BF1) Hints on Xbox One (X1)

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Tips for Ranking Quickly Hints

Here are some tips for ranking up faster in BF1 Multiplayer.

Play in a communicative squad, one where all teammates talk to each other.

Quickmatch Domination racks up points faster than other game modes.

Only seek out the objective (to capture bases) and only take on enemies that stand in your way of that objective.

Following the enemy around the map re-taking bases that they just captured is a great way to progress.

A squad leader that issues useful attack comments will get your team more points, e.g. if your squad lead marks a base for capture in Domination you will get an extra 100 points for following his commands and an 'order followed' bonus (upto 80 extra points).

A squad can separate into two groups. The squad leader can issue commands to attack two bases at different times, alternating between bases, if you are successful at capturing one of the bases you will get an extra 100 points even though you never captured the other base. 

When issuing these orders the squad leader squad leader should always pay attention to all bases. If a base is about to be captured, he should make sure to change the attack orders quickly to target that base so everyone on the team gets extra points, even if they are not at that base. Even when dead and having no team mates at the base, you will still get 100 points for capturing it if the squad leader has attack orders on it.

A good squad sticks together and has a varied loadout, for example 2 medics and 2 support players.

Quickmatch Domination has no vehicles, so assault units are not too useful and there is a lot of running around trying (capturing bases) so that rules out the usefulness of the sniper too.

Squads that stick together will spawn near each other and this will assist with spotting enemies, suppressing and healing and resupply of team members will also give you more points.


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Loadouts Hints

It is easy to create and save multiple loadouts and click the class emblem in the lower left section of the selection screen, you can cycle between three saved loadouts quickly between deaths.


Kill Log Hints

Switch on the Kill Log.

More > Options > Gameplay > Kill Log > ON

This shows you a continual update of who killed who and how which helps you determine what types of enemy and enemy vehicles are out there.


Cavalry Sword Hints

One of the stories has a hidden Calvary Sword within it, which you can use to unlock a special achievement. 

In Through Mud and Blood at the section of the mission with the breakdown you will make your way to a village to look for parts. When you arrive find a two-storey building with the machine gun turret in the window. Head inside and you can find the Cavalry Sword under a table on the first level.

Once you have the sword if you use it to take down an enemy you will gain the 'Mightier Than the Shovel' achievement!



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