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Field Manuals Guides

66 Field Manuals exist in Battlefield 1 hiding in chests.

Here is a is our guide to their locations within the various storylines.

Storm of Steel

There are no Field Manuals in this story.

Through Mud and Blood

There are 20 Field Manuals across this story's four chapters.

Over The Top

Five field manuals are in this chapter. 

  1. After fixing the tank, drive up the hill and clear the circular combat area. Get out, walk toward the green and the crate is to the right of the green tent in rubble. 
  2. Head behind the church and walk past the first door. There is a pile of junk in the corner of the outer wall, some crates and a big geen wheel or cog second Field Manual is there.
  3. Walk back into the building, and heading right after entering, head to the back wall and the this field manual is in a crate on your left.
  4. Capture the last point then get out of the tank, go across to the building on the right and there is a crate outside.
  5. Just before the end of the level at the last bridge, walk up the road and there is a vehicle on the right side, The bridge that ends the levelThe last collectible is just before the bridge that ends the level. Walk up the road after fighting the tank a vehicle on the right side of the road the final manual is behind that.    

Fog Of War

The Fog of War chapter has five Field Manuals. 

  1. After the first German fight, fix the tank then the tank will push through the wire, follow and up the hill after the wire there is a crate at the top.
  2. There is a trench in the ruins, go into it and you'll enter a cellar, walk to the back and there is a light over a petrol tank, go left again into a room with beds and there is a crate between two of the beds.      
  3. Gain access to the bridge, straight after go through the barricare and underneath, over the far side there is a field manual crate under the bridge on a hillock.
  4. In the valley with the anti-tank stuff, there is a field manual crate in the Pillbox.
  5. Past the valley at the top of a hill lies the final field manual. Go up the hill, go right down the road to the end of the camp (on the right) and the crate is behind a dirt pile by some crates. 


Breakdown has five Field Manuals. 

  1. The back left corner of the town has a door to a small room on the final left hand side building, break it down to reveal the field manual crate.  
  2. Ascend the second windmill all the way to the last platform before the roof. The crate is below the window.
  3. In the larger open camp near the windmill there is a large house at the back, there is a field manual in the loft.
  4. The white house by the alarm has a large flag on it, the next field manual is on the top floor near a machine gun.
  5. The last one is at the back of the map, past the camp with the engine part, up a hillock then to a small shed, the manual is by the door. 

Steel On Steel

There are five manuals in this chapter.

On the first floor under the stairs of each of the windmills on this chapter you will find the crate.

Friends in High Places

Six field manuals are available in this story.

Fall From Grace

This chapter has five Field Manuals.  

  1. Kill the bloke with the shovel go right round the house to the road the follow it until you see a wagon, the manual is beside it.
  2. Down the first cluster of buildings on the right side there is a stable with a closed door, the field manual is inside.
  3. Between two cots in a tent area of the next town lies the third field manual.
  4. Go into the trench, continue to go right, when you see the pillbox, go inside and the field manual crate is there.
  5. Go up to the big, muddy clearing in the trenches and look for the dip with the overturned cart the final crate is next to the light. 

Forte Et Fidele

The only manual in this chapter is available after you crash land into the airship, walk through the burning wreckage and there are two enemies, defeat them, go up onto the bridge and go right past the second silver canister, the field manual crate is in the corner of a small square platform. 

Avanti Savoia!

10 field manuals are available in this story.

O La Vittoria 

  1. Beat the bad guys at the church, go into the first house on the left next to a sofa , the manual is next to it.
  2. Leave the church and go down the road until you get to the barricades, after that there is a trench camp on the left side, the field manual crate is between crates in the largest part of the trench.
  3. Head back to the barricades, go along the path up the hill. A small trench on the left has a field manual at the end.
  4. Go into the artillery gun bunker the field manual is by the controls for the gun.
  5. Trash the gun, leave the area, up a hill and there is a trench on the right of the path. Clear the trench and the field manual is by the entrance. 

O Tutti Accoppati

There are five manuals in this chapter. 

  1. Go down the hill to the south corner of the map, there is a stone house, the field manual is by the doors.
  2. Run to the point on the left of the valley Matteo's unit is in the bunker with a field manual.

    Get these next two before entering the fort...

  3. Go right on the path past the fort, go up the hill and there is a bunker with a blue door, the field menual is behind the wall by the tanks.
  4. Go under the fort using the underground entrances, find the room with the beds and the field manual is in the corner by the bunks.
  5. Inside the fort go through the door to the right of the blue door and on the other side go left there are some barrels and the manual is by them. 

The Runner

15 field manuals in this story.

Cape Helles

Five field manuals in this chapter. 

  1. Go left along the beach there are some crates against a hill, the first field manual is there.
  2. Go up the hill trenches and back along toward the boat (the far north of the map), the field manual is here in a crate.
  3. Go down the trenches to the area with the field gun, walk the field manual is on the right site of it between 2 walls.
  4. Clear the trenches and go up the hill to a  Head up the hill after you've cleared the trenches and you'll see a house at the top, the field manual is inside the house in a small room.
  5. During the capture of Helles Overlook there is a stone shed, the final field manual is inside. 

The Runner

Five field manuals in this chapter.  

  1. Run to the right site of the cite, there is a lone house overlooking the cliff, go inside and at the back there is a bench by a door with the field manual crate.
  2. In the center of town there is an overturned card by some grassland, the building at the back of the grassland has the field manual crate.
  3. In the back of a house to the far left of the city lies another field manual.
  4. In the building with the frontline, after getting the report go to the middle room, the field manual is by the main entrance.
  5. Get your order to inform command, go towards the objective but veer off to the first house you see with a damaged roof which overlooks a cliff, the field manual crate is by the front door. 

Be Safe

Five field manuals in this one. 

  1. Go towards the crumbling stone tower, up to the second floor and you will see the crate there.
  2. Inside the fort walk all the way to the left on the fort wall the manual is behind some crates.
  3. Now go to the far right on the wall and there are two demolished buildings, the field manual is in the left one.
  4. Now, go to the rubble building close by, there is a furnished room just past the back door containing a field manual.
  5. At the end of the chapter you capture a courtyard, there is a stone shed with the field manual in that courtyard. 

Nothing is Written

15 field manuals in this one.

Hidden In Plain Sight

  1. At the start, go left about 90 degrees then towards a small mountain, there is a field manual in the rocks.
  2. About face towards the train, there some rocks containing another field manual along the way.
  3. Find another inside the train in the red train car.
  4. Go back outside the car and go south-east there is a rock with the next field manual behind it.
  5. Now go south easterly into the desert, there is a small tent and a tank, the final field manual is in the rocks nearby the tent.

Young Men's Work

  1. Go around behind the mountain there will be a dugout on the opposite side where you can find the manual.
  2. From the first manual, go west, not as far as the ruins, just north of them there is a mountain, at the top there is a tent and the next field manual.  
  3. At the far north of camp there is a weapons depot, inside the main building is another field manual.
  4. In the village at the south of the map in a building with an arched entry at the back there is another field manual.
  5. Climb the water tower in the village (east side) to find the final manual.

Hear The Desert

  1. Turn right and head for the buildings in the distance, inside the left side building is the first field manual.
  2. Exit that building then go west, there are 2 rocks ahead and the second manual is there.
  3. Far west side of the village has a water tower, past it by some rocks is the third manual.
  4. At the back of the village is a large building with stairs and the manual inside.  The manual is on the first floor.
  5. The windmill has a small destroyed building nearby the last manual is inside.

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