The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats on Wii U (WiiU)

Last Updated: January 16, 2018
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • First Released: Jun 22, 2007
  • Genres: Puzzle, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E

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Dee Ess Island

Easter Eggs

One of the hidden islands, Dee Ess Island (aka DS Island) is shaped like a Nintendo DS, the system Phantom Hourglass originally came out for.

Easter Eggs on Dee Ess and Harrow Islands

Easter Eggs

If you visit Dee Ess Island, which is shaped like a DS, and stand on the microphone area, you can blow into your mic to make a treasure chest appear.

If you visit Harrow Island and dig another hole even after you’ve dug up 10 treasures, the game warns you not to keep digging. If you dig another hole after that, you lose 100 rupees. If you keep going, you will lose all your rupees. If you dig again even after that, you will be banned from the mini-game. The only way to play again is to apologize and pay 300 rupees.

Cucco Attack

Easter Eggs

As a traditional Legend of Zelda secret, if you attack a Cucco enough times, a mob of Cuccos will begin attacking you.

Wind Waker hero reference

Easter Eggs

There is an NPC called the Self-proclaimed Hero who claims to be the Hero of Winds, Link’s title in Wind Waker. He has a boat called the Prince of Red Lions, a reference to the King of Red Lions from Wind Waker.

Animal Crossing reference

Easter Eggs

When you first meet the postman, he asks you to please not shoot him down with a slingshot. This is a reference to Animal Crossing: Wild World, in which you can use a slingshot to shoot down Pete the Postman.

Hurricane Spin


To get the Hurricane Spin move, you will need to do an item trading quest. First, find the ship in the northeast part of the sea. Defeat the monsters there to get the New Hero’s Clothes.

Give them to the man in the ship in the northwest part of the sea to get the Kaleidoscope.

Take the Kaleidoscope to the ship in the southeast part of the sea and give it to the man who wants a telescope in exchange for the Guard’s Notebook.

Take the notebook to the ship in the southwest part of the sea to get the Wood Heart.

Finally, take the Wood Heart to the Old Wayfarer’s Ship to get the Hurricane Spin scroll.

Sacred Crest puzzle


There is an infamous puzzle that tells you to press the sacred crest against the sea chart. In the DS version, this was accomplished by closing the DS to literally press the two together. In the Wii U version, you’ll need to simulate this by hitting the Home button or bringing up the Virtual Console menu.

Hidden Islands


There are six hidden islands.

  • Spirit Island is in the middle of the three boulders south of Molida Island.
  • Zauz’s Island is above the fog to the northwest of the Isle of Gust.
  • Uncharted Island is south of Bannan Island.
  • Dee Ess Island is east of Goron Island.
  • Harrow Island is west of the Isle of Frost.
  • Maze Island is northwest of the Isle of the Dead.

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