Super Mario 3D World Hints on Wii U (WiiU)

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Avoid Leaf to get Stars Hints

You cannot get the sparkling stars from the top of the flag pole at the end of a level if you have used the invincibility leaf on that level. If you want the stars, avoid the leaf.

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Getting Five Stars Hints

By accomplishing certain tasks in the game, you will receive stars on your save file. You must have 5 stars to get 100% completion. Follow the instructions below to earn stars.

  • 1 Star - You must finish World 8.
  • 2 Stars - You must get all of the green stars in Worlds 1-8.
  • 3 Stars - You must complete World Star, World Mushroom, and World Flower.
  • 4 Stars - You must get all of the green stars in Worlds 1-11.
  • 5 Stars - You must get all of the green stars as well as all of the stamps, finish each world with each of the playable characters, and hit every goal post.

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Get Stamps Easily Hints

Since you must play with every character to collect all the stamps, you can easily get lots of stamps by playing multiplayer mode.

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Ride a Shell Hints

While holding a koopa shell, press ZR or ZL to go into she shell, which will make you invincible. But if you press ZR while running, you zoom around. And as long as you hold ZR, you can jump, go through clear pipes, steer, and take out enemies.

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