Super Mario 3D World Cheats on Wii U (WiiU)

Last Updated: September 27, 2020
Super Mario 3D World
  • First Released: Nov 20, 2013
  • Genres: Platform, Adventure
  • Platforms: Wii U
  • Developer: 1-UP Studio,Nintendo EAD Tokyo Group No.2
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Avoid Leaf to get Stars


You cannot get the sparkling stars from the top of the flag pole at the end of a level if you have used the invincibility leaf on that level. If you want the stars, avoid the leaf.

Flagpole Star Color

Easter Eggs

Normally, when you jump on top of the flag pole at the end of the level, it will change from red to gold. If you have gotten all of that level's green stars, a green star will appear above the flagpole.

Getting Five Stars


By accomplishing certain tasks in the game, you will receive stars on your save file. You must have 5 stars to get 100% completion. Follow the instructions below to earn stars.

  • 1 Star - You must finish World 8.
  • 2 Stars - You must get all of the green stars in Worlds 1-8.
  • 3 Stars - You must complete World Star, World Mushroom, and World Flower.
  • 4 Stars - You must get all of the green stars in Worlds 1-11.
  • 5 Stars - You must get all of the green stars as well as all of the stamps, finish each world with each of the playable characters, and hit every goal post.

Unlock Rosalina


  1. You have to have beaten the game.
  2. When done,you have to go World 1.
  3. When you are at World 1, the Pixies will build you a rocket ship.
  4. The Rocket Ship will go to World Star.
  5. When you are at World Star, all you have to do is beat World Star-2.
  6. After you beat World Star-2, Rosalina will be unlocked.

Unlockable Characters


You can unlock Luigi as a playable character if you have a save file from New Super Luigi U on your system. He will also be unlocked as a playable character if you finish World 8.

You can unlock Rosalina as a playable character if you finish World 2.

Infinite Lives


Follow the steps below to get an infinite number of lives.

  1. Start World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave. Near the start of the level, there is a pipe. Go down the pipe.
  2. Go through the tube and hit the "?" block to get a Fire Flower.
  3. In the area below, use your Fire Flower to defeat the Goomba and Koopa Troopa.
  4. Shoot fireballs at the Koopa shell until it is in the right corner.
  5. Aim your fireballs at the wall beside it, so that they bounce against the shell and knock it on top of the purple bricks.
  6. Once the shell is on top of the bricks, hit it with fireballs until it goes through the tube. This will trap the shell, and it will continually bounce between two close walls.
  7. Head through the tube yourself and jump on the bouncing shell. By doing so, you can get about 800 lives in 3 minutes.

Level Warp from World 1-2 to 2


Follow the steps below to warp from World 1-2 to 2.

  1. In World 1-1, get the Cat Suit.
  2. Keep the Cat Suit on as you play through World 1-2.
  3. In World 1-2's underground area, there is a pipe with two paths to the exit. Go through the pipe and you will find 3 invisible "?" blocks along the wall.
  4. Use the invisible blocks to reach a new area.
  5. Defeat the Koopa Troopa there and climb up the wall to find the warp.

Level Warp from World 4-2 to 5


Follow the steps below to warp from World 4-2 to 5.

  1. Use the Cat Suit.
  2. Play through the level until you exit the underground area. You should be near a box and a warp pipe.
  3. Make your way along the wall to the top of the waterfall.
  4. Jump across the poisonous water to find the warp.

Get Stamps Easily


Since you must play with every character to collect all the stamps, you can easily get lots of stamps by playing multiplayer mode.

8-bit Luigi Figures

Easter Eggs

8-bit Luigi figures are hidden in the game. You can see some of them through binoculars and others when you hit certain "?" blocks.

World Crown


To get the World Crown you need 100% completion (ie get absolutely everything within the game - this means you need all gold flagpoles, all stamps and all green stars.

Bonus Worlds


Bonus worlds are only unlocked when you meet certain criteria.

  • World Star - You must complete the main game.
  • World Mushroom - You must finish Star World.
  • World Flower - You must finish Stage 7 of Mushroom World.
  • World Crown - You must get all of the stamps and Green Stars, as well as turn every Checkpoint Flag gold, in every world starting from World 1 all the way through World Flower.

Unlock Luigi Bros


You can unlock a mini-game called Luigi Bros. if you either finish Worlds 1-8 or have save data from New Super Luigi U on your system. An icon for the mini-game will appear in the bottom left corner of the GamePad screen.

Ride a Shell


While holding a koopa shell, press ZR or ZL to go into she shell, which will make you invincible. But if you press ZR while running, you zoom around. And as long as you hold ZR, you can jump, go through clear pipes, steer, and take out enemies.

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