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Last Updated: October 2, 2023

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Mario Chase Strategy


The player with the gamepad controls their Mii dressed up as Mario, and it's their job to avoid being captured by the 4 toads within the time limit. They can see where the toads are on the map at all times to help avoid them. Mario also has access to a star in the center of the map which spawns from time to time, granting him increased speed and temporary invincibility from the toads.

The toads meanwhile play on the television screen, and it's their job to capture Mario. When there are less than 3 toad players, they'll be assisted by Yoshi robots which will attack Mario with their tongues and knock him down, giving the toads a chance to find and capture Mario.

There are 3 levels in this game mode:

Chase Arena - A flat, simple arena, perfect for new players.

Mud River Run - This level introduces mud which greatly slows down players passing through it, as well as several hills and valleys to obscure player's views. The level also contains rainbow bridges that connect the various areas, and these disappear as they are being run over, making them the perfect get away location for Mario.

Slide Hill - This level is made up of three areas, all connected by slides which can be used to quickly go to the level below. Properly using these slides will determine the outcome of the match.

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