Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Unlockables on Wii U (WiiU)

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Unlockable Characters and Modes Unlockables

There are several character transformations and modes you can unlock.

  • Lili – You need the Bunny Morphosis shard from Lili.
  • Shovel Knight – You need the EX Shovel Armor from Shovel Armor.
  • Speed Run mode – You must beat the game.
  • Sound mode – You must beat the game with the good ending.
  • Hard mode – Beat the game on normal difficulty.
  • Nightmare mode – Beat the game on hard difficulty.

Note: Hard and Nightmare can be unlocked from the start by using the cheat code NIGHTMARE.

  • Ultimate mode – Beat the game after killing the other heroes when you meet them instead of recruiting them.
  • Boss Rush mode – Complete at least two different runs (recruiting all heroes for one run, killing all heroes for a second run, etc.)

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Unlimited MP Unlockables

If you get 100% of the shards, you can go to Johanne’s room to get Gebel’s Glasses, which grant you unlimited MP while equipped.

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Unlimited Ammo Unlockables

If you complete all of Susie’s cooking quests, you will get the Recycle hat, which grants you infinite ammo while equipped.

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