Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Hints on Wii U (WiiU)

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Metal to Upgrade the Jackdaw Hints

If you need more metal to upgrade the Jackdaw, attack civilian ships to increase your wanted level. This will cause military ships to come after you, which you can destroy and loot for metal.

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Earn Lots of Gold Hints

Follow the tips below to earn lots of gold.

  1. Finish the side quests you receive, particularly assassination side quests, to be rewarded with lots of gold.
  2. You can steal gold from citizens you encounter, although it is not as easy a method of earning gold as others listed here.
  3. Manually loot the corpses of all of the enemies you defeat. Each will have a handful of gold. It adds up quickly, due to the number of enemies you kill.
  4. When you encounter animals in the game, kill them and skin them. Their skins can be sold for gold or used when crafting.
  5. While you travel in your ship, if you see materials you can salvage from the ocean, collect them to use or sell.
  6. Since you're pirates, you should attack cargo ships to steal materials some of which you will want to use to upgrade your ship, but others of which you can sell for gold. Rum and sugar can always be sold.
  7. Once you have upgraded your ship enough that you can fight high level ships, do so. They will have either a lot of gold or lots of materials and items on board.
  8. Whenever you encounter survivors, recruit them into your crew right then, so that you don't have to pay to hire new crew members.
  9. Whenever you see a treasure chest, open it. You can find gold, ammo, upgrades, and other items.
  10. Grab all of the treasure maps you can find, because they will direct you to buried treasure chests, most of which are filled with gold.

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Reveal Location of All Collectable Items Hints

If you synchronize all of the viewpoints in the game, the locations of all collectible items will be revealed. You must conquer all of the Naval Forts to get the collectibles in the West Indies Sea.


Animal Habitats, Items and Buy and Sell Price Hints

Check the table below for a list of every animal you can hunt in AC4 along with the animal's habitat, what items it will give up, and what the buy and sell price of the item is.

Animal Habitat Item Sell Price Buy Price
Rabbit Nassau, Kingston, Corozal Rabbit Pelt 70 700
Capuchin Monkey Misteriosa Island, Tulum, New Bone Capuchin Monkey Pelt 75 750
Green Iguana Abaco Island, Andreas Island Iguana Leather 90 900
Hutia Cayman Sound, Long Bay, Jiguey Hutia Hide 85 850
Deer Kingston, Santanillas, Salt Lagoon, Principe Deer Hide 150 1500
Ocelot Andreas Island, Cumberland Bay Ocelot Pelt 125 1250
Wild Pig Nassau, Mariguana Island, Cape Bonavista, Great Inagua Wild Pig Hide 150 1500
Howler Monkey Kingston, Cape Bonavista, Principe, Long Bay, Cat Island, Tortuga Howler Monkey Skin 100 1000
Jaguar Cape Bonavista, Principe, Tulum Jaguar Pelt 200 2000
Black Jaguar Pinos Isle, Isla Providencia Black Jaguar Pelt 300 3000
Crocodile Nassau, Long Bay, Isla Providencia, Tulum, Matanzas Crocodile Leather 200 2000
White Jaguar Great Inagua, Cayman Sound (Opia Apito Templar Hunt) White Jaguar Pelt 600 6000
Red Howler Monkey Isla Providencia Red Howler Monkey Skin 500 5000
Hammerhead Shark Ocean Hammerhead Shark Bone 400 2000
Great White Shark Ocean Great White Shark Bone 550 2750
Bull Shark Ocean Bull Shark Skin 580 2900
Killer Whale Ocean Killer Whale Skin 630 3150
Humpback Whale Ocean Humpback Whale Skin 700 3500
White Whale Ocean White Whale Skin 4000 20000


Fast Material Hints

Raid lots of Bright to get lots of metal which is used to upgrade your ship.

Also when you are upgraded enough, look for many Wars because they carry a lot of money and cargo.


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