Glitches for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on Wii U (WiiU)

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10K in 3 Minutes Glitch

For this glitch you will need a decent boat or you will get wrecked.

  1. Go to the legendary boat (top right corner).
  2. Destroy one ship (does not matter if black or white).
  3. Take the loot that it drops (10,000).
  4. Get killed by the other ship.
  5. Repeat.

Have fun!

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Infinite Money

Follow the steps below to earn infinite money.

  1. Access Sequence 2: Memory 3.
  2. Eventually, you will find three Templars seated at a table. The game will give you an optional objective called "Pickpocket All Templars."
  3. Complete the objective by pickpocketing all three of them.
  4. Once you have their money, immediately pause the game. Reload from your last checkpoint, which will be before you pickpocketed the Templars. However, you will retain the money you stole.
  5. Pick their pockets again and repeat this method as often as you want. You can get about 35,000 R in 7 minutes.

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