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Last Updated: November 27, 2022

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I  can't  seem  to  get  the  100  days  achievement  but  I  know  I  have  been  on  at  least  that  many.    Anyone  know  how  this  works?
Chuck, 1 year ago Reply
Hey  Chuck,  Was  about  to  say  100  days  isn't  an  achievement!
The  100  dates  achievement  is  exactly  that,  go  on  100  dates...  It  may  be  a  glitch  in  your  game,  or  you  haven't  hit  the  100  mark  just  yet.
tristyn pawson, 1 year ago Reply
This  is  about  100  dates  not  days
Chuck, 1 year ago Reply
I  am  having  problems  figuring  out  how  to  get  the  birth  egg  on  the  Nintendo  switch  version.  If  possible  I  would  also  like  to  know  where  exactly  and  when  exactly  I  could  get  it.  
Karma, 3 years ago Reply
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