Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Hints on Nintendo Switch

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Get 100-Man Melee and 200-Man Melee Full Prizes Hints

You will only get the full prizes from 100-Man Melee and 200-Man Melee if you have received the Letter of Challenge items first. Three letters are available for the 100-Man Melee, and five are required for the 200-Man Melee.

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Basic Tips Hints

By default, you will be locked into movement along a line facing the enemy in combat. Hold down the left trigger to enable free movement and move wherever you want in the battle area.

Local co-op is also available if you set your party members to “manual” movement. This lets another player control that character in battle alongside you.

As you win battles, you’ll notice that you get a “grade” score. This is actually a currency that can be used on subsequent playthroughs to unlock special bonuses for New Game Plus.

Gathering materials will let you synthesize new equipment. Synthesized gear can be much stronger than the gear you can buy in shops.

Weapons include Weapon Skills that give you special bonuses. If you use a weapon enough, you will unlock the skill permanently to equip even while using other weapons.

Be cautious when it comes to selling weapons. Not only will you lose the weapon’s skill if you haven’t already learned it, but many weapons can also be used in recipes to synthesize better ones.

Items can be found in boxes, drawers, dressers, etc. Interact with everything that might have an item hidden in it.

The tactics menu lets you change your party members’ behavior in battle. Adjust the setting here to customize how they’ll play.

You can also change your party’s formation to determine where each character will be at the start of battle.

Whoever you set in the first party slot will be the character you control by default when you enter battle.

Cooking lets you cook items based on recipe to restore HP/TP and other beneficial effects. You can choose which party member you want to cook, and the effectiveness will be determined by their cooking skill. Many skits are tied to cooking with various characters, as well.

Near the end of the game, you will be able to access a place called Nam Cobanda Isle. Among the many activities here, it lets you both rewatch any skits in the game and re-fight any bosses.

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All Recipes / Wonder Chef Locations Hints

There are numerous recipes you can learn by tracking down the Wonder Chef at various points throughout the game or completing certain quests. If you get every recipe, you’ll also unlock a special quest. If you’re having trouble finding any of the recipes, use the video guide below for help.

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