PGA TOUR 2K21 Unlockables on Nintendo Switch

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Unlock Clubs, Gear, Season 1 Items Unlockables

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new golf clubs to buy and use, with different stats and advantages depending on the club. The game comes with a number of ranks, clubs, clothing, etc. that can be unlocked in this style in the base game itself, but new ranks and items were added with Season 1.

Most of the Season 1 content requires you to have the Premium Pass in order to unlock them. Not only will you need to earn XP to unlock the different tiers, but the items in those tiers will require you to have the pass as well.

The Clubhouse Premium Pass makes it possible for you to unlock these items.

The Clubhouse Premium+ Pass does the same, but also immediately unlocks the first 20 tiers without you needing to earn XP to unlock them first.

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Sponsorships and Sponsor Items Unlockables

Some clubs, clothing, and gear are branded after specific companies and unlocked by getting those companies as sponsors in Career Mode. After you start playing, you’ll be given a series of goals to meet in order to unlock your first sponsor. Once you unlock a sponsor contract offer, you’ll be given specific goals to meet to earn Sponsor Points (SP). Earning more SP increases your rank with that sponsor and unlocks new rewards.

You will earn SP and rank up your sponsors naturally by playing through Career Mode, but if you want to focus specifically on the sponsor contracts to unlock all the sponsor rewards as fast as possible, the video guide below has some tips on how to quickly complete your sponsor contracts.

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