OlliOlli World Hints on Nintendo Switch

Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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Create Combinations


Combos are the means to obtain a good score in OlliOlli World. These begin when you make any move that multiplies your score. Spinning, wallrides, grinding, firecrackers, tweaked grabs, and manuals are among the moves available. When you land without crashing, the points you earn are added to your total and multiplied by the multiplier. Essentially, the number of points you receive is determined by the complexity of your combo. Bear in mind that if a checkpoint is crossed while in a combo, all of your points and multipliers will be lost if they bang into anything.

This video aces the final level in one sick combo.

Improve by Using Replays


OlliOlli World has a replay system that you should use to improve your gaming. By hovering over the scoreboard on a level or league, you'll be able to see runs by pros, which will help you better understand how to play, figure out where you're going wrong, and make full use of the Tricktionary.

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