Mario Party Superstars Cheats on Nintendo Switch

Last Updated: August 5, 2023
Mario Party Superstars
  • First Released: Oct 28, 2021
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Inf Coins in Village + Coins modifier in-game


[Inf Coins in Village]
021F0000 BFB3A070 0001869F

[Inf Coins Upper Left Player]
021F0000 BFB3AD1C 000003E7

[0 Coins Upper Left Player]
021F0000 BFB3AD1C 00000000

[Inf Coins Upper Right Player]
021F0000 BFB3AD2E 000003E7

[0 Coins Upper Right Player]
021F0000 BFB3AD2E 00000000

[Inf Coins Bottom Left Player]
021F0000 BFB3AD40 000003E7

[0 Coin Bottom Left Player]
021F0000 BFB3AD40 00000000

[Inf Coins Bottom Right Player]
021F0000 BFB3AD52 000003E7

[0 Coins Bottom Right Player]
021F0000 BFB3AD52 00000000

By: NeoVander Comment

Understand the Boards


Each board in Mario Party Superstars has its unique characteristics and strategies. Take the time to explore and learn the layout, events, and potential shortcuts. Knowing the board's mechanics can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Coins and Stars


The main objective of Mario Party Superstars is to collect stars. Make sure to prioritize getting stars whenever possible. Coins are essential for buying stars and items, so try to collect as many as you can by passing by or landing on coin spaces, winning mini-games, and taking advantage of character abilities.

Reference to Battle Canyon Soundtrack

Easter Eggs

If you listen closely to the soundtrack used in Mario party superstars it sounds very similar to an exciting scene from the Mario Kart canyon battle in the Super Mario Bros movie. While some say it's just a coincidence, the similarity is unquestionable. 

Here’s a video explaining this further.

Unlockables in the Option House, Toads Shop, Data House


In Mario Party Superstars, all gameplay-related content, such as boards, characters, minigames, and game modes, is accessible right from the start. No additional requirements are needed for access. However, various exciting unlockables await players in the Option House, Data House, and Toad's Shop. By playing on each board, you can unlock alternative classic versions of the background music that accompanies them. You can easily switch between these music options in the Option House.

As you progress through the boards and game modes and increase your Mario Party level, a broader selection of items will become available for purchase at Toad's Shop. These items include stickers, encyclopedic pages, card designs, and music. Collect coins by earning Stars in Party Mode or participating in minigames and Daily Challenges at Mt. Minigames to buy these goodies.

The Data House serves as a hub where you can enjoy the content you've acquired from Toad's Shop. You can browse through the Encyclopedic pages and listen to the music you've purchased. Additionally, personalize your Mario Party Card using the designs you've unlocked. Furthermore, you can track your achievements and game records here.

Show off your hard-earned Achievements on your Mario Party Card for everyone to see. Completing specific achievement constellations in the Data House might even grant you special rewards! Reaching Mario Party Level 50 is a significant milestone as it unlocks the staff credits for you to explore. Moreover, as you continue leveling up, more encyclopedic pages and enticing items in Toad's Shop will become accessible to enrich your Mario Party experience further.

Softlock Glitch


While playing on the music board you can softlock one of the characters by performing the dizzy dancing action. As you jumbo up and done near the other characters and come to the end of the challenge, you get stuck between the record and the other characters in a dizzy mode. Basic controls don’t work during this time.

Here’s a video demonstrating this.

Use Items Wisely


Items can be a game-changer. Some items can help you reach stars more quickly, steal coins or stars from other players, or protect you from their attacks. Use items strategically based on the current board situation and the proximity of stars.

Master Mini-Games


Mini-games are a crucial aspect of Mario Party. Practice and familiarize yourself with the mini-games to improve your chances of winning. Knowing the mechanics and controls of each mini-game will give you an edge over your opponents.

Team Up or Sabotage


If playing with friends or AI, consider forming temporary alliances to target a leading player or to protect each other from certain events. Just remember that alliances can break at any time, so stay aware of your true objectives.

How to Plant Piranha Plants


In the Peach's Birthday Cake game board, you have the opportunity to embellish the cake with strawberries, which rewards you with coins or stars when you land on designated Event Spaces (indicated by an exclamation point). There are two options for planting strawberries: a large strawberry for 30 coins or a smaller one for 5 coins. These strawberries eventually transform into Piranha Plants, capable of devouring other players' coins or stars!

How to Stay on Track in the Woody Woods


In Woody Woods's board, things get tricky as the direction keeps changing! Players explore the forest and follow signs to stay on track, but Monty Mole can alter the signs for coins, and the cost can vary unexpectedly. Beware, or you might end up on the wrong path!

Raising Tolls on Yoshi’s Island


To secure the coveted Star, you must navigate between these islands. But beware, for the bridges connecting them are guarded by formidable giant Thwomps. Now, here's where your strategic decision-making comes into play: you have the power to set the toll charged by the Thwomp. Feel free to raise it as much as you desire, but remember, once increased, the toll becomes fixed and cannot be lowered again. So, be cautious not to raise it too high, as it might impact your own journey towards the Star.

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