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Basic Tips Hints

Instinct Vision lets you locate items, detect people’s positions, and see through walls, so use it often to get a better understanding of your surroundings.

Save often and consider keeping multiple saves in order to experiment with different options. Try out different things to see what happens.

It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t lose Challenge completion if you reload a save to try something different, as long as you don’t go to the main menu in between.

Take your time learning each map so you understand it better. Your first time through a particular map should probably be spent looking for items and gathering information.

Some levels will have a disguise that gives you access to most things, which makes it even easier to explore and find items.

While some changes only work temporarily, there are others that are permanent even when you return to the map later, such as opening up a shortcut.

Different disguises have different benefits, as well as different characters who might see through it, so pay attention to the type of disguise you’re wearing to figure out how to proceed.

When you look around with Instinct Vision, characters who can see through your current disguise will be marked with a white circle above their heads.

Start out with the Mission Stories before you branch out to try other things, because they’ll be more straightforward and help you understand the mission.

If you zoom in to focus on characters, you will also be able to hear their conversations more clearly.

Your camera lets you scan things and pick up clues. Anything important that you scan will be marked on the mini-map.


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