HITMAN 3 Easter Eggs on Nintendo Switch

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Potato Jesus Painting Easter Eggs

There is a notoriously botched “restoration” of a painting of Jesus that has come to be known as “Potato Jesus” or “Monkey Christ” due to its terrible appearance. After the painting previously appeared in Hitman 2, it has now been placed in Hitman 3 as well and can be found in the Berlin level.


Lord of the Rings reference Easter Eggs

The sign outside the lawyer’s place in the Mendoza vineyard reads “No Admittance except on party business.” This is a reference to The Lord of the Rings, in which Bilbo has such a sign outside his house.


Developer Photo QR Code Easter Eggs

In the Chongqing mission, there is a character with a QR code on the back of his head. If you scan it with Agent 47’s camera, a picture of the game’s developers pops up.


Freedom Fighters reference Easter Eggs

Berlin and Chongqing both include arcade machines on which you can see the logo for Freedom Fighters, an action game made by the same developers in 2003.


X-Files Reference / UFO Escape Easter Eggs

The graffiti on the walls in Berlin includes the picture of a UFO, a telephone, and the date 1993. 1993 is the year The X-Files began playing, and if you take a picture of the graffiti with the camera and then later enter 1993 in a phone booth, you will escape by way of a UFO.


Hitman: Contracts reference Easter Eggs

Signs in Chongqing include the name “Lee Hong,” who was one of the Five Fathers and a Triad boss in Hitman: Contracts, as well as “Blue Lotus,” the name of the rival Triad group.


Spongebob reference Easter Eggs

There is a bathtub in Berlin that contains a pineapple and sponge hidden under the water, a nod to SpongeBob SquarePants.


Untitled Goose Game reference Easter Eggs

In Berlin, there is a sign forbidding the presence of geese, which is most likely a nod to Untitled Goose Game.


Knives Out homage Easter Eggs

The entire Dartmoor section, including its setting, the characters involved, and some of the environmental details, is a nod to the movie Knives Out.


Allan reminder post-it note Easter Eggs

The whiteboard in Dubai includes post-it note reminders to “Talk to Allan for details,” a nod to a mistake in Hitman: Blood Money where an item description contained only the placeholder text “Allan please add details.”


Keypad Code - 47 Easter Eggs

If you enter 47 into any keypad in the game and try to submit it, it won’t work as a code, but Agent 47 will respond with, “Perfect.”


Talking Hippo Easter Eggs

You can find a golden hippo idol in Berlin and use it to summon a talking hippo for a strange conversation.


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