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  • Genre: Puzzle, Strategy, Adventure, Indie
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10+
  • First Release (Any platform): Dec 7, 2017

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Out of bounds Glitches

In act 3, if you go though the painting to the door with buttons and youp jump on the little ledge you can turn around and go though a wall that's darker than the rest. And you can go through that wall (you need to crouch) taking you behind the escalator. Keep going straight and you with see an unreal engine missing script. Go into it and you will be teleported to the curch outside the map along with a weird noise (rip headphone users) and you can explore everything outside the map.

By: Keagan   Comment    27

Behind the blue house Easter Eggs

If you go behind the blue house on the left of the neighbors' house you will find an unused script. If you touch it you will see a line of numbers that say this '183053' don't know what it means but if you do find it, do not wear headphones! Because if you touch it or throw something at it it makes a weird noise that is very loud. You have been warned!

By: potatodan is me   Comment    

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