Gear Club Unlimited Cheats on Nintendo Switch

Last Updated: January 22, 2023
Gear Club Unlimited
  • First Released: Nov 20, 2017

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Trainers and cheats


Although Gear Club Unlimited 2 does not offer cheats in the line of your classic command console cheats, what you can do is download a trainer from a trusted site. Once you have downloaded and installed the trainer, the trainer will enable you to use in-game cheats that you otherwise would not have access to. The trainer enables you to activate cheats such as:

Sticky Tires

Unlimited Fuel

No tre wear

Freeze AI

Edit money, torque-speed, and Race time.

Cars, Cars and more Cars


As expected for a racing game, Gear Club Unlimited 2 offers many cars which to unlock. The variety of cars is so vast, that it will encompass any car fan's desire, take your pick, and beat them all. Many famous cars make their appearance in this game, cars such as Bugatti Veyron, Chevrolet Camero, Corvette Stingray, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang, Mercedes SLS, Nissan GTR, and the Porche 911 make an appearance.

Helpful Hints & Tips


Follow that line
During your races in Gear Club Unlimited 2: Ultimate Edition, the game adds a very nice learning curve with the addition of a racing line for you to follow. If you are newer to the game or the world of racing, following this line will help you adjust to the style of the game and help you learn the tracks. The racing line shows the ideal line you should be following to take the corners at the fastest speed possible without wiping them out.

Gear Club offers a really nice feature in the form of a rewind button. Mistakenly ran into a wall instead of turning where you needed to? Rewind! Accidently, brutally ran your opponent off the track and crashed in the process? Just rewind! This feature will help when one small mistake means a win or a loss, it will also help not having to restart the entire race when you accidentally run into one wall. 

Test Drive all the cars!
The dealerships around the map all have different cars on offer, finding out which ones sell which cars can be tiring, but also worth it. Make sure to check out all of the stats that the cars have to offer, along with their potential when fully upgraded. The best part of these dealerships, however, is the fact that you can test drive any car that you are interested in. So if you are not sure if it is the car for you, find out which dealership sells it, then go and take it for a spin! 

Save your cash for later!
Gear Club Unlimited 2 offers many different upgrades for your car, ranging from small upgrades to a major overhaul of the engine, this can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Upgrading your car with small upgrades can eat through your cash really fast, so it can be really beneficial for you if you save up your cash and buy the big upgrades instead of buying the small ones. This will see your car becoming faster and faster in great leaps instead of the small gradual pace of smaller upgrades. It can also be beneficial for you to focus on engine upgrades early rather than focusing on cosmetics from the get-go. A cool-looking car will definitely lose to a car that looks stock but with a fully kitted-out engine.

Keep Pushing and You will earn that cash.
There are exhibition races offered which will require you to have a certain horsepower car, these races can be a source of frustration if you keep losing, but there is a trick to losing. If you do not place in the top three, you can replay these exhibition races to try and better your standing. Even if you do not place in the top spots, you still earn a decent chunk of cash, so keep striving for those top spots and you can earn yourself some nice cash while improving your skill levels as you go.

Use driving assist
There is a very handy feature for those who like things a little bit easier. Driving assist helps keep control of your car and can make it a little bit easier to compete at a higher level. Driving assist offers help in three different racing aspects, Steering, Braking, and Anti-skid. Each of these three can be set on a scale from zero to one hundred, so you can personalize the assistance that you need. Or, if you want to just have some help one click away, the options that you can choose from are Amateur, Semi-pro, and Pro. Using the driving assist can help you learn and adjust as you play the game, but be aware that having a handicap can harm you in the long run, if you learn how to play while the driving assist is active.

Be careful taking those corners!
Much like other racing games Gear Club Unlimited 2 uses the skill of the players on their tracks, taking corners too fast can cause you to crash or spin out of control. Using the racing line can show you how fast you should be going, green means your speed is good, yellow means slow down and red means you are going way too fast. Much like that of a traffic light. So check your speed and take those corners at a reasonable pace. If you do spin out or crash, be sure to utilize that handy rewind feature.

Keep looking in that rearview mirror
Using your rearview mirror during your race can help you keep an eye on your opponents and even block them from overtaking you. Knowing where your opponents are can help you keep the lead, it also gives you the freedom to know how many mistakes you can make and still retain your lead. If your opponent is not insight, you can afford to take a tricky corner at a lower speed, but if they are right on your tail, looks like you are going to have to give it all the speed the corner can take!

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