Bravely Default II Easter Eggs on Nintendo Switch

Here are our Easter Eggs for Bravely Default II on Nintendo Switch. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

Secret Early Ending (Beating Adam) Easter Eggs

The boss fight against Adam in the prologue is meant to be unwinnable. However, if you do manage to beat him, you get to see a special secret ending. After the credits roll, you then get to see a special message that suggests you reload and lose the fight since it’s necessary in order to continue with the story.

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Secret Scene (Beating Galahad Early) Easter Eggs

Similarly to the secret ending, it is possible to beat the fight with Galahad on your first encounter. If you do, you get a secret scene in which a shocked character undoes the victory so that it never happened, forcing the player to continue the game as usual.

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Secret Boss Easter Eggs

There is a secret boss that you can fight if you have access to Rimedhal and have defeated all of the portal bosses. Once you’re ready, go to Rimedhal and leave through the exit that leads to the graveyard, and then interact with the large monolith to begin the fight.

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