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  • Ratings: PEGI 12,
  • First Release (Any platform): Feb 25, 2021

Secret Early Ending (Beating Adam) Easter Eggs

The boss fight against Adam in the prologue is meant to be unwinnable. However, if you do manage to beat him, you get to see a special secret ending. After the credits roll, you then get to see a special message that suggests you reload and lose the fight since it’s necessary in order to continue with the story.

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Secret Scene (Beating Galahad Early) Easter Eggs

Similarly to the secret ending, it is possible to beat the fight with Galahad on your first encounter. If you do, you get a secret scene in which a shocked character undoes the victory so that it never happened, forcing the player to continue the game as usual.

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Secret Boss Easter Eggs

There is a secret boss that you can fight if you have access to Rimedhal and have defeated all of the portal bosses. Once you’re ready, go to Rimedhal and leave through the exit that leads to the graveyard, and then interact with the large monolith to begin the fight.

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Unlock Card Game (B'n'D) Unlockables

The side quest “Taking a Gamble” found at the Gambling Hall in Savalon will unlock the card mini-game B ‘n’ D.

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Unlock All Jobs Unlockables

Jobs in Bravely Default II determine what your abilities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. are, and you unlock more jobs as you progress through the story. Most are unlocked automatically after key story points, but there are a handful of jobs that you’ll need to unlock yourself.

  • Freelancer – starting job, available by default
  • Black Mage – unlocked through story progression
  • White Mage – unlocked through story progression
  • Vanguard – unlocked through story progression
  • Monk – unlocked through story progression
  • Bard – unlocked through story progression
  • Beastmaster – unlocked through story progression
  • Thief – unlocked through story progression
  • Gambler – unlocked by completing the quest “Taking a Gamble” from the Gambling Hall in Savalon; first available near the end of Chapter 1
  • Berserker – unlocked through story progression
  • Red Mage – unlocked through story progression
  • Ranger – unlocked through story progression
  • Shieldmaster – unlocked through story progression
  • Pictomancer – unlocked through story progression
  • Dragoon – unlocked through story progression
  • Spiritmaster – unlocked through story progression
  • Swordmaster – unlocked through story progression
  • Oracle – unlocked through story progression
  • Salve-Maker – unlocked by completing the quest “In Dreams” from Enderno; first available near the start of Chapter 3
  • Arcanist – unlocked through story progression
  • Bastion – unlocked through story progression
  • Phantom – unlocked through story progression
  • Hellblade – unlocked through story progression
  • Bravebearer (Secret Job) – unlocked as part of the path to reach the true ending, by fighting the ghost found between Halcyonia and Savalon; only available after seeing the regular ending

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Unlock True Ending Unlockables

The default ending you’ll get at the end of your first playthrough is not truly the end. There is a separate true ending available. To get the true ending, you must first play through and see the regular ending, then reload your save. This will continue the story from that point on, with new objectives.

You’ll also need to have every Job unlocked, so you’ll want to go after the optional Jobs if you haven’t already. At this point, that includes the secret final Job, which you’ll get by defeating Sir Sloan’s ghost at the area between Halcyonia and Savalon.

Once you have every Job unlocked, continue on with the quest by watching a special cutscene now available from the save menu. You’ll then be able to enter the final dungeon from Halcyonia. At the end of the dungeon is the true final boss, unlocking the true ending once you’re victorious.

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Golden Egg Location Hints

The Golden Egg is a useful accessory that will double the amount of gold you earn, which is especially helpful later on. You can find it in the Frozen Forest, an area reached through a hidden path north after you cross the bridge in the snowy region. In the Frozen Forest, there is a Mimic battle that will reward you with the Golden Egg once you defeat it.

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Basic Tips Hints

There are three different difficulty settings. You can change the difficulty at any time outside of combat from the settings menu.

The Brave and Default systems are at the heart of the combat. Brave allows you to take an extra turn right in a row, requiring you to then wait another turn to make up for it, while Default lets you skip a turn in order to save it for later. Strategically using your Brave and Default commands depending on the situation is key to fighting successfully.

Explore often. There are items and other secrets to be found if you take some time to look around the map instead of heading straight to your destination.

The one exception is at the very start of the game. You’ll get two party members shortly into the story, so you might consider following the main quest until you have those party members, so you can explore with three characters.

The Freelancer Job comes with the “Examine” command, which lets you see important information about enemies, including any weaknesses.

The Forage command is also useful, because it will let you find items during battle.

Once you unlock exploration voyages, you will be able to send your ship out in search of items when you aren’t playing. It will work if the Switch is off or in sleep mode. If you have an Internet connection at the time, it will connect with other online players for a greater chance of finding rare items. Voyages can last for up to twelve hours.

Speech bubbles above NPCs indicate that you can talk to them, while blue speech bubbles mean they have a side quest.

Monster Treats will draw monsters to you. This is an effective strategy to help with grinding, since you can fight a large number of monsters at once.

Battle speed can be increased. This is another way to make grinding more efficient, since battles will go by faster.

Guest party members can also help with grinding. These occasional bonus party members are often strong, giving you an advantage if you want to fight some battles to level up with more ease than you’d have alone. 

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All B'n'D Card Locations Hints

There are 105 cards available for you to find and add to your deck for the mini-game B ‘n’ D. If you’re having trouble finding any of the cards, use the video guide below for help.

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