Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero Easter Eggs on Nintendo Switch

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  • Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • First Release (Any platform): Oct 24, 2018

From being a sought-after manga, to being physically played by countless fans, Beyblade is spinning its way to Nintendo Switch this 2018. Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero makes the toy-spinning mania fully realized. But, the game will be available for Japan only--as of press time. If you're an avid fan and collector, Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero will kill two birds with one stone. Apart from special edition that fans will get, it will also feature a game-exclusive Beyblade with every copy. Spin your Switch to something exciting with Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero!

Questions and Answers

I  have  3  gift  boxes  that  require  codes  and  I  unlocked  one  it  was  a  invisible  head  for  my  bay  blade  but  don’t  know  the  password  for  the  other  2 - Cody Lipinski , 2 months ago - Reply  

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