American Fugitive Hints on Nintendo Switch

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All Stash Locations and Codes Hints

There are 100 secret stashes hidden throughout the map with items and loot for you to collect. Some also require you to get into locked bunkers by using the correct bunker codes. There are clues that will help, with the bunker code being located nearby, but if you’re having any trouble finding the stash locations or the bunker codes, use the video guide below for help.

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All Painting Locations Hints

There are 20 paintings hidden throughout the map as a collectible. If you’re having trouble finding or collecting any of them, use the video guide below to help you locate and obtain every painting. It includes any special requirements you will need to get it.

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All Flyers Hints

There are 15 flyers for in-game businesses that you can collect from houses or businesses that you break into. Each flyer is for a separate business—you can collect duplicates, but that won’t count toward your overall total. You’ll get a notification that one has been added to your journal whenever you collect a new flyer. Flyer locations are randomized, so you’ll need to break into many houses and businesses in order to find all of them. However, they also respawn, so if an area refreshes, you have another chance of finding a flyer there.

The 15 flyers you need are:

  • Art Dealer Flyer
  • Bar Flyer
  • Body Shop Flyer
  • Cafe Flyer
  • Car Lot Flyer
  • Clothing Store Flyer
  • Diner Flyer
  • Donut Store Flyer
  • Gas Station Flyer
  • General Store Flyer
  • Gun Store Flyer
  • Outdoor Store Flyer
  • Pawn Shop Flyer
  • Pharmacy Flyer
  • Salvage Yard Flyer

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