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Free fuel glitch Сбои

A player must refuel their truck at a service station. Once they have refueled, the driver must save their game and exit.

It is important that the driver does not drive away. 

The player must start the game again, reload their saved game and drive away. 


Missing fuel station glitch Сбои

A player must start at the offramp to the truck stop off the Autobahn close to the town of Hamburg.

A fuel station can be seen by a player that is driving on the opposite side of the road. The fuel station does not appear on the map in the right-hand corner of the player’s screen, in gameplay. 

CM Headbanger reveals a glitch in On the road Truck simulator.


Drive over the edge glitch Сбои

A player must drive off-road with their vehicle towards the edge of the map. 

Once the truck reaches the edge of the map, the truck will go over a cliff. The player will have no control over the truck and the truck will fall and spin in the clouds.

The player will be forced to end their game and restart the level on the road.

CM Headbanger shows a player a glitch experienced when a player goes out of bounds.


Trailer glitch Сбои

This glitch happens when a player resets their truck with a Scania 6x2 trailer. The trailer will appear in front of the truck after resetting the trailer.

The trailer will still be coupled to the truck and a player must get out of their truck and uncouple the trailer from the 5th wheel drive.

A player can avoid this glitch by limiting the number of times they reset the trailer.

CM Headbanger reveals a glitch found in On the road truck simulator.


How to change vehicle’s Руководства

A player must go to their home base and park on the street. Then a player must click on their menu and click on the option of the vehicle. The player must then click on the selected truck that they wish to change drivers.

An option will appear called change driver. The player will be given a list of drivers or an option and they must select the option for none.

The player will then appear back at the home base and the truck will appear by their base. The player must then get into this truck and sit in front of the steering wheel.

FoggyHazeGaming takes a player through a guide to change vehicles


How to start the truck (PC) Руководства

A player must first get into the truck and click Ignition. A player must press "Q" to start the truck.

The player must click on the button "4" five times. This will increase the ignition level.

The trucks in the game use a Tipmatic gearbox that is from the letter "N" to "D" on the keyboard. 

A player must click "T "once and the player will be ready to move.

It is important to remember that if a player hits the letter "T" twice, the truck will go into the maneuver gear and the gearbox will stay in first gear.

For a player to release the handbrake they must press the (space) bar.

SnowRoyal shows a player how to start a truck.


How to drive without sleeping. Подсказки

At the start of a shift, a driver will be presented with a 9-hour time of driving. The first thing a driver will need to do is plug in their driving card. Once a player has confirmed their driving they will be required to drive for 9 hours.

Once the 9-hour clock’s time has elapsed the player will have to sleep. The player will have to turn their lights off, put up their hand brake and switch off their engine. This will ensure a player refreshes themselves. 

A tip to avoid stopping to sleep every hour would be for a driver to insert their driving card but not confirm that they are driving. This will allow a driver to drive for an unlimited amount of time. 

GametechUK shows a player a technique to drive without stopping.


Employ drivers and let them make you money Подсказки

A player must go to their employee menu and on the left-hand side of the screen, they will see a list of employees. The player must select one of the drivers available and click on the “hire” button.

Once a player has selected a driver they must allocate the driver a vehicle by clicking on the vehicle and selecting the option “change driver”.

The driver will now be allocated a truck, and the player must go to the “logistics” section on their menu. The player will be able to locate their driver on their GPS display screen. 

There are jobs available for the player’s driver to complete. The jobs available will be dependent on the type of truck the player has selected the driver to use.

If the player has a livestock truck he must select a farming area on the map and click on jobs available for livestock hauling. 

Once the player has accepted the assignment, they must select a route for their driver and they will receive money and a reputation once the job has been completed.

Double E Show takes a player through being hired for their first job and shares a few tips


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