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How to double jump


You will need to gather 5 butterflies before the quest. Then you can hit jump one more in mid-air. 

If this doesn’t work after a couple of attempts, try reinstalling and starting a new game.

Gamer Zone shows you while they are playing how to get the double jump.



  1. Jump over a few of the obstacles and move in the right direction until you see a yellow and green box.
  2. Push the box into the blue stuff then you can jump into the next room.
  3. Follow the path on the right until you can see another yellow and green box. Then you will want to jump on to go a bit farther to the right then grab the butterfly.
  4. Then go left to return to the beginning of the area. You will see a door underneath the area where you entered the room.
  5. Follow the path until you see another yellow and green box. You will again push the box into the blue stuff and jump on the box to get to the next platform. If you do miss the jump, stand to the right of it and press the circle and it should float back toward you.
  6. Once you reach the platform go right until you reach another box. Then push the box to the right and then move past the robot so you’re in an area with 3 boxes that are different sizes.
  7. Then push the medium size box into the blue stuff so it floats. Then you can use the small one to push the large box past the medium floating box.
  8. Jump on the large box to jump on the medium box, like stepping stones. This will allow you to get to the platform where you will find the second robot.
  9. Go to the right until you come across another box, if the box is floating the press circle button to make it fall.
  10. Push the box left to make it float to the right of the small box.
  11. Then use these boxes to grab the next butterfly. Then use the door in the top left corner.
  12. You will see a symbol in the next room, you will want to interact with to go back to the way you come.
  13. Push the larger box back to the right where the robots are. Then move past them into a dark area where you collected an earlier butterfly.
  14. Use the door in the top left.
  15. Follow the path to the left and push the box that you will find on the next platform.
  16. Jump on the platform and push the box onto the ground and try to move it to the left until it floats.
  17. You will be able to jump on the next 3 boxes to make them float and jump onto the spiderweb.
  18. Go to the middle of the spiderweb which will make you fall one level down.
  19. Keep following the path of the spiderweb. The path is made up of parts that disappear. This should take you to the top left corner. While you are on this path you will get the opportunity to collect a butterfly.
  20. You will need to use the door on the right of the spiderweb.
  21. Follow the path to the left until reaching a box and push it slightly to the right. Then you can use it to jump on the platform above and this will allow you to collect another butterfly.
  22. Continue left and move down to interact with another symbol. This will take you to a cutscene that you will need to watch.
  23. Move to the left through the red spiderweb and drop down one level. Jump to the right and then cross over the red spiderweb and follow the path until you drop down into another area.
  24. You will want to use the door on the left and speak to the big guy who will teach you the smash ability.
  25. Continue going right until you get to the area that you saw when you spoke to the big guy.
  26. Smash one of the leaves to get up to the right platform.
  27. Jump on the box to make it float and then use the path on the right until you exit. 

Tuna goes through a video play of the Underground



  1. Follow the path to the right and have the beetle follow you until you are under the U-shaped thing.
  2. Double jump and fly to the land onto the invisible platform, look for a reflection. Walk to the right until you are back on the ground.
  3. Once you are on the ground go to the right and jump over the flower with a face until you receive another beetle. Then get the beetle to follow you.
  4. Try and get your reflection on a flower. Then go to the right until you reach some boxes.
  5. Push the large box until you have made a reflection. Then push it a little more to the right. Then push the small box until it floats then use both boxes to reach the platform in the reflection.
  6. Continue right and go past the face and you will also see more floating boxes in a reflection until your screen starts to tilt.
  7. Follow the path using the hooks, leaves, and bouncy bug and you will find yourself walking upside down then look for another spider web.
  8. Look for the areas where the lines break and continue along the tree branches.
  9. You get to a part where you will see more ladybugs. You will want to continue along the path.
  10. Once you have passed the ladybugs you will fall to the ground continue until you meet your reflection.
  11. The controls will be flipped in this section in the negative world.
  12. Follow the path to the left and use the jellyfish to reach a platform on the left side. This leads to a dark cave.
  13. You will want to go left until you see the fourth light-up plant. You can then drop down and go right until are able to drop down again.
  14. You can then go up a small hill and continue following the path of the plants that light up until you reach the octopus.
  15. Then use the bubbles to reach the top and then continue following the path on the left. This will return you to the normal world.
  16. You will want to use the path on the right.
  17. Remember you can use the robot’s head to get to the platforms that are higher up.
  18. You will reach the machine that chased you earlier in the game, climb on its hand and you will complete the game. 

Tuna goes through a video play of the Land of Spirits

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